A Day In My Life as a Grad School Student
Note: This post was written April 3, 2010. It documents a day in my life as a grad school student. My schedule was a little different than most because I decided to go to school at night while still working full-time during the day. I also had this blog that I was growing and trying to turn into a business at the same time. So things were busy and fun of course. I hope you enjoy reading about this time in my life.
I encourage you to also document a day in your life right now because things can change fast and I am so glad I have this memory of my hustle!


A Day in My Life as a Grad School Student

Here is a day in my life as a grad school student (also working full-time):

6:00 AM:

I struggle to get out of bed, only two snoozes this morning. Fill my travel mug with coffee and quickly grab some breakfast. While I am getting ready, I check and answer emails. The day begins early since many of the people I work with live on the East coast meaning that I have way too many emails before I even make it into the office. You would think that would mean it would be slow at 3pm but nope, my client lives on the West Coast so I still have to be available into the evening.  I catch the latest news on the Today Show over breakfast and I am out the door.  I love Matt and Meredith from the Today Show… (remember this was 2010 and Savannah wasn’t there yet! 🙂

8:00 AM:

My client is already calling me. I answer his questions on my way in.  Don’t tell my dad, he hates it when I talk on the phone while driving… (I don’t do that anymore, don’t worry!)

8:30 AM:

Teleconference with our team in DC.

10:00 AM:

Answering emails and getting new emails. 

10:30 AM:

Work with my client to help prepare him for an important meeting.

12:00 PM:

Finally leave the client site and head back to my office. I still have a lot to get done today! Looks like another lunch at my desk day.

1:00 PM:

Meeting with my co-worker to give input on my co-worker’s assessment for a promotion.  After the meeting, I touch base with my study group to review a paper that that is due this week.

2:00 PM:

Meet with another co-worker to figure out how we are going to handle an urgent data call that we just received.

3:30 PM:

Finalize my expense report for my last work trip and make my travel plans for my trip in a few weeks.

5:00 PM:

Head to dinner. Fortunately, the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego provides us dinner before class so I can grab some food and coffee. I also try to figure out last minute answers to the homework that is due today. I finish reading the case study I meant to finish during lunch.  Dinner is a nice break to be able to forget about my mounting to-do list at work and try to focus on learning something new. Who knows, maybe I can apply it to work tomorrow!

6:30 PM:

Class starts and for the next 3 hours I focus really hard and stay awake!

10:00 PM:

Home for the night. Catch up with my husband and American Idol before I go to bed. Thank God for DVR or I would not be able to keep up with work discussions tomorrow!

11:00 PM:

So much more I need to do but I know that if I don’t get some sleep, I will never be able to make it through tomorrow’s meetings.  At least I am one day closer to the weekend and to graduation!  Good night!

I hope you enjoyed a day in my life.

Next up, a day in my life as mompreneur.

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