8 Time Management and Productivity Tips for Female Leaders
One of your most crucial skills as leader is being able to make TIME to complete all of your projects AND make your visions happen.
That’s the difference between being a “hamster on a wheel” versus finishing that big project.  As a leader, how you manage your time directly affects the productivity of your team.
That is why it is so important that we tackle the topic of productivity and time management. If you can’t manage your time well, you will not be able to manage your career satisfaction, leadership strengths or relationships in the office. It is the pivotal point of everything else that you do.

Here are 8 Time Management & Productivity Strategies to Balance Your Work Week:

1) Delegate

Whenever possible, you start delegating your tasks to other people, like an assistant. Or, if you are doing work for someone else, make a list of those items that aren’t officially your work and say no the next time someone asks you to complete them.

2) Create a Peaceful Workplace

You will be amazed how much more productive you will be if you enjoy where you work. This could mean making a home office you love where you can catch up on things when you are home. Or it could mean breaking away to a coffee shop an hour a day to knock out the email.  Or it could mean organizing that desk full of papers that makes you feel overwhelmed.

3) Take Breaks

It’s tempting to not take breaks and eat lunch at your desk, but don’t fall into this temptation. Just a 10-15 minute break to think about something else will allow you to come back refreshed and focused.

4) Know Your Most Productive Time

Do you jump out of bed with energy ready to work on that great project, or do you get your ideas and “flow” in the middle of the night? Use your most productive time to do your most important work.

5) Fend Off the Time Wasters

Whether it is your automatic incoming email notifications or your social media updates, you need to be able to focus, so turn off anything that could distract you. It takes an average of 15 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption. Think how much time you could save by eliminating your distractions!

6) Work on One Thing at a Time

Multi-tasking doesn’t work. Focus on the most important thing that needs to get done and start checking things off your list.

7) Schedule Downtime

You will not be your best if you are constantly working. You will actually have more and better ideas about how to handle some of your work problems while you are in the shower, watching TV, or exercising. Make sure you make room in your schedule to focus on other things that are important to you.

8) Let Go of What Doesn’t Matter

Don’t worry about the details. Done is better than perfect. Stay focused on your big-picture goal.

Do you have any other time management tips? I’d love to hear about them!

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