8 Easy Rules On How To Get Ahead At Work
You went to the job interview and aced it, and now you are getting settled into your role. If you want to continue to succeed at the office, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. Remember, getting ahead requires forethought and planning, it doesn’t just happen overnight!
According to Kelly Love Johnson, author of Skirt! Rules for the Workplace: An Irreverent Guide to Advancing Your Career, here are eight rules Classy Career Girls need to keep in mind if they want to get ahead at work.

8 Ways to Get Ahead at Work

8 Easy Rules On How To Get Ahead At Work

1.  Control your temper. 

You need to learn how to not get angry in the office if you want to get ahead. Dealing with difficult co-workers or clients isn’t easy, but learning how to handle yourself to get what you need is part of getting ahead.

2.  Listen, don’t talk.

You may be surprised at what you might learn when you take the time to listen instead of always being the one to speak. 

3.  Learn to love change. 

Don’t resist it, change is good! Learning how to be adaptable and accepting change is one of the keys to getting ahead in any field.

4.  Shoot for perfection. 

Don’t rush, spell check and double check your facts. But, don’t get so caught up in perfection that it paralyzes you.

5.  Be your own measure. 

Don’t go on Facebook just because everyone else does.  Do what you think is right and be different.

6.  Dress the part.

Dress professionally, but don’t forget to express your individuality.  Aim to dress just a little bit better than everyone else so you stand out.

7.  Lead before you are asked.

This is a great way to show you are capable of a greater challenge!  And why not have a little practice at being in charge?

8.  Don’t watch the clock.

I know it’s tempting but your boss will notice if you are more focused on the clock than on the task at hand.

I love these little words of wisdom.  What is your advice on how to get ahead at work?

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