6 Women’s Strengths That You Should Be Proud Of
In my experience, there are many qualities that female managers inherently have that men appreciate. Men often have different strengths than women and that is why diverse teams of men and women work well together. Review the 6 women’s strengths below and think about what strong points you already have.
Remember, the goal is to be PROUD of the strengths you bring as a woman instead of trying to be like a man. 🙂

6 Women’s Strengths That You Should Be Proud Of

Women’s Strengths #1: Collaboration

Women often request ideas from the entire team and get group buy-in. Women are also great at sharing information and delegating.

Women’s Strengths #2: Calm Under Pressure: 

Women can handle tough situations with a sense of calm without getting aggressive.  Women can also appear less threatening by establishing trust quickly with the men they manage.

Women’s Strengths #3: Attention to Detail: 

Women are known to be organized and detailed and can usually handle doing a lot of things at once.

Women’s Strengths #4: Openness: 

Women can be open and honest and share a lot of information about tasks and results.

Women’s Strengths #5: Intuition:

From my experience, women can often tap into other people’s needs faster and more effectively than men. One of women’s strengths is that they can often pick up very subtle clues about how the people around them are feeling.

Women’s Strengths #6: Empathy: 

Women are often more capable than men of showing concern for other people’s feelings and connecting on a personal level.
Before you go any further, take some time to reflect on the above leadership strengths and write down 2 more women’s strengths that you have right now. Then, write down two female leadership strengths that you want to improve on.


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