4 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity
Time is money, or at least that’s the equivalent in the world of business. A company’s ability to produce results in a short period of time is extremely important to the overall success of the brand. Obviously, the more work your staff can get done through the course of a day, the more value they add to the brand and its ability to remain profitable. However, a workforce of over or underperforming employees can result in less than satisfying results.

Balancing Productivity and Quality

It really is tricky at times to find balance with productivity in the workplace. As the owner or manager, it is your job to find ways to make your staff want to work harder – without feeling overwhelmed. An overworked employee in a strict environment with tons of rules and regulations may produce a lot of work, but it won’t likely be to a standard you’re used to.  Similarly, an underperforming employee in an environment that is too loose and free will produce less work, which can also be sub-par.
Finding balance and creating the perfect work environment for improved employee productivity will not only require you to hire top talent, but it will also require you to make changes in your business. To improve employee productivity, try one of the methods below.

1. Offer Convenient Services 

How much time do you believe is wasted in the office on coffee and snack runs? As a business owner or manager, it is important for you to realize that your employees are not machines. They are human beings. Taking a quick break for a snack or to grab a cup of Joe is a common practice for employees. Managers can improve productivity by offering convenient services on the premises so their staff doesn’t have to travel to get necessities. For instance, a company who is centered in downtown Philadelphia, PA might opt to invest in office coffee service in Philadelphia so that their staff doesn’t have to head down to Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks every few hours to top off their cup of Joe or grab some light refreshments to hold them over until meal time.

2. Encourage Teamwork

Though you have hired each of your employees for their individual skills, allowing them to work together can improve productivity. When the goal is to complete larger projects, effective project management and team collaborations can help to get assignments completed faster. In a group setting, your staff is held accountable both individually and collectively. Setting team goals and being held accountable to the group are often motivators and incentives for employees to work to their fullest potential.

3. Upgrade Office Equipment

Your employees can only be as productive as the tools and resources they have access to. If you’re still stuck in the old ages with paper filing systems, bulky computers and modems, a corded landline phone, and outdated software you can’t expect your employees to be as productive. Every now and again, businesses need to invest in updating office systems and equipment to help streamline processes and make completing tasks easier for their staff. Upgrades like laptops, mobile devices, cloud storage accounts, and more provide your staff with tools that allow them to get the job done more efficiently.
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4. Incentivize and Celebrate

Sure, the great pay, benefits, and time off may be what drew your star employees to work for your company, but what will keep them there? Motivating and encouraging staff to be productive can be as simple as providing periodic incentives. Some companies go with incentives that might include Employee of the Month. Employees who perform well are essentially rewarded with a photo and a day off or a free lunch. The more encouraged and celebrated your staff feels, the more they’re willing to work.
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As you can see, improving productivity in the workplace will require you to first determine where the problem lies to effectively implement the right changes. Providing things like convenient food services, encouraging and creating an environment for teamwork, investing in up-to-date equipment and software, and incentivizing and celebrating victories are all efficient solutions that should inspire your staff to want to work hard to reach your brand’s ultimate goal.

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