3 Things We Believe at Classy Career Girl

If you get nothing else from reading our blog, and if you read no farther, I want you to remember these three things. These beliefs are so important to us at Classy Career Girl and all the work we do here. 

3 Things We Believe at Classy Career Girl

1)You CAN Create Your Future

Whatever you want to become or do, you can make it happen. Don’t let the excuses hold you back. If you want something and work for it, you can make it happen. People are out there waiting to help you. You don’t know them yet. Google is your best friend. We live in a time where you can Google anything. We live in a time when you can send a DM on Instagram to anyone and possibly hear an answer back from the people who inspire you.

If you are determined and committed to making your dream happen and being patient, it will happen. Maybe not overnight. Maybe not tomorrow. It may be a million little steps that will take you where you want to be, but it will happen and your dream will be bigger and better than you could ever imagine.

It is never going to be perfect when you start working toward your dream. The only way you’ll grow and become the person you need to be to reach your goals is by taking action and learning every single day. Show up now for your dreams and start!

2) There is a Career You Were BORN to do or a Business You Were Born to Start

You have a purpose and a calling. You were born to do something. Don’t stay stuck in a job where you aren’t reaching your full potential. If you have ever asked “Is this all there is?” or “I thought my career and life would be more exciting than this.” then you need to do some thinking about what you really enjoy. It’s never too late.

You can always make a change. We live in a world where you don’t work at one company for your entire life. We live in a world where we don’t have to wait until retirement to travel the world and live out our dreams. We can live our dreams today. We can start working on our dream life now.

I did a couple of things to figure out my dream career: 

  • I got clear on what I enjoyed doing. It wasn’t until a couple of years in at my career that I start doing training. I was in finance, so once I really learned my job I realized I really enjoyed doing the training about finance more than the finance itself.
  • I really enjoyed helping new employees and being a mentor and helping them with their career.
  • I enjoyed being a leader.
  • I enjoyed hiring people in the job.
  • I enjoyed helping my team form our vision and mission.
  • I loved doing my personal development plan each year.

Do you see the common theme?

I FINALLY started to take action and try new things. I finally started to ask for new opportunities rather than waiting for them to fall into my lap. I finally started to take control of my life and my dreams and the direction I wanted to go. I finally started to assess myself and what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy about my career. I finally invested in myself and got more training and went back to school.

I started to network more and meet new people outside of my little cubicle. I became a leader. I learned a lot. I became an expert who started teaching others. I started to become well respected and knowledgeable. I was trusted. And with that, other opportunities came my way.

I share this story because so many people ask me how to find your passion. Here’s the deal: It’s not going to come to you tomorrow and it’s not going to come to you while you are stuck in your cubicle surfing the internet. It’s not going to come to you while you are working a job you hate just for a paycheck. You aren’t going to find your passion if you are doing work just for the money to pay off all your bills and expenses.

It’s going to require you to wake up.

Here are some things that helped me:

  1. Figuring out what my interests, motivations, and values are. And starting to take opportunities that match those things.
  2. Figuring out what my Strengthsfinder results are and starting to lean into my strengths more at work.
  3. Taking the Myers Briggs and realizing that there are many positive things about being an introvert and I didn’t have to feel bad that I was the “shy girl” anymore at work.
  4. Building confidence by saying yes to new opportunities and asking for help.
  5. Investing myself by going to get more training and going back to school.

If my journey has taught me anything it’s that finding your dream career is so worth it. No one can do it for you or tell you what it is. It requires you to take these matters into your own hands.

But once you feel this whisper that you are getting close, don’t stop. Keep pursuing it even though it’s scary and risky. It will become easier. It will get clearer what your purpose is and what you should be doing. But you do have to take that first step. Do it for you.

3) Plans Can Change, Dreams Don’t 

Yes, we are the planner people telling you that plans change. In 2016, I published a free digital planner that over 35,000 women downloaded in two years. From there, I went on to create a physical planner for women to purchase. I am a planner. I am an achiever.

But plans have to change because life events change. Once you commit to a goal and a dream and write it down, sometimes it feels like the entire world is against you from making it happen. From health issues to family issues to relationship issues to money issues, there is so much that WILL hold you back from achieving your dream.

That’s the truth. It’s not going to be easy. And that’s why #2 is so important because when you know something is your purpose and you were created to do that type of work, there is no stopping you.


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