Guest Contributor Guidelines

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Thank you for your interest in writing for CCG!
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If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for Classy Career Girl, please read on and we’ll let you know what we are looking for and how the process works. 


Content Strategy:

We specialize in the delivery of meaningful, inspirational and beautiful content at the intersection of work, dreams and everyday life (just think a beautiful and inspiring Pinterest board for the ambitious woman). More of what you really want to see and less of what you don’t.
We are passionate about creating content for women who are bored at work and need a bit of inspiration. If a million women saw one of your articles and the world would be a better place, please send it to us!



Before you submit, can you answer “yes” to these questions:
1) If a million women saw one of your articles, would the world be a better place?
2) Is the article something you would you share if you found it online? Would your friends share it?
3) Are there enough visual elements included for someone skimming on the phone?


1) Email your article to beourguest@classycareergirl.com.
2) Include a headshot and your bio. (2-3 sentences and don’t forget a link to your site or profile). In case you’re wondering, your link is do-follow 🙂
3) Photos (only that you have taken, or have rights to) including of products you recommend are preferred. The higher quality the better, please. We may or may not use the photo but the better the quality, the much more likely we will be able to use it.
4) All posts must be received by the last day of the month. We try to pre-schedule everything a month ahead. That being said, we can always move things around if you have a date you need or want.
5) If selected, you may be invited for an opportunity for a monthly column at CCG.
6) Please submit as a document (word doc preferred).
7) Article can include no links to the writer’s website (link in bio is fine, see #2). Unfortunately, authors were using this free platform to sell their products/services. We are focused on providing great content, so reference links are fine.
8) Please ensure your photo is uploaded and registered on gravatar.com before you submit (otherwise there won’t be a photo next to your bio and we don’t want that!)
9) If you would like your article to be featured on our Classy Career Girl Instagram account, please let us know your Instagram handle when you submit your article.

How to Format Your Submission

Here are a few things we’d like you to do when you send your submission to make it easier for us to organize and get on our editorial calendar:
1) Make the subject of your email the title of your submission, and include the author’s name if it’s not the sender of the email (you.) If you don’t have a submission, but have questions or want feedback on ideas, title the subject “Submission Question” or “Submission Feedback.”
2) Please name your attachment the same as the title of your submission, which is also the same as the subject of your email! Remember to include the author’s last name and date as the end as well. For example: How_To_Get_More_Followers_Smith_Feb2.doc/docx.
3) Please send photo attachments separately and not as a document insert. We can’t download photos inside of word docs which makes it impossible for us to download and use the image. Original photos are best!
4) If you’re submitting an infographic, please send us the infographic coupled with an intro of at least 350 words.
5) Please remember to include a short bio and headshot! Let us know whether it’s in the body of the email or in the attached submission, and if your email is already registered on Gravatar.
6) On Tuesday’s we share guest articles in CCG’s Facebook group. If you have a Facebook, let us know so we can tag you in posts of your article! To learn more, click here.
We won’t throw out your submission if you don’t format properly, but it helps us work without delay and confusion and makes everyone’s lives a little easier!
CCG reserves the right to make minor edits. If it doesn’t fit our requirements, we will let you know. Please use spell check and check your grammar. Content should be 500-750 words. Content must be new and original (not previously published).
Since your guest article is not sponsored content, CCG has the right to take out links that appear to be sponsored/advertising.

***Note: We will not link to “essay writing services” or “gambling sites”

***Note: If you submit a post to CCG, do not submit it elsewhere at the same time. Once published, we cannot delete articles.

What We Want:

Right now, we are on the hunt for the following topics:
-New Year has passed, but we’re open to post-New Year follow-up topics (sticking to set goals, making it the best year ever, how you reached your goals, revising resolutions, how to make your resolutions stick, planners)
-Fashion (we would love to see what you love to wear, home office, work or weekend style, share with us your latest trends, what to buy and where to shop, looks for less, Instagram roundups)
-Working mom tips/day in the life of a mom, going back to work after baby, etc,
-Balance: self-care, finding balance, time-saving hacks, health, nutrition, exercise
-Happy hour fun (what to order, how you celebrate the week, recipes for go-to drinks you make at home, how you relax, non-alcoholic welcome!)
-Office inspiration (how you organize, photos that inspire, what does your office look like? What do you wish it looked like? Office supplies)
-Workouts (tips and tricks or a peek inside your workout routine)
-Eats (favorite recipes, work lunches, meals, snacks, treats)
-DIY (what can you do yourself? Share and teach us! How can we be more creative every day? What to make this weekend)
-Travel (tell us about your upcoming travel plans or adventures that changed your life, what is on your bucket list, what are you packing?)
-Home Sweet Home: What do you love about your home, what décor inspires you? What makes it home to you?
-Beauty: Share your go-to secrets, what’s in your work tote or makeup bag? Any seasonal items a must?
-Tech: What are you dying to get your hands on?
-Newsworthy: What’s a hot story you would love to share your opinion on? (Just remember, we always keep it classyJ No politics please.
-Second Careers: Have experience or advice? Share how to job-hop after 30 years of work experience or come back after having kids.
-Spiritual: Share your spiritual side because there’s more to life than this, right? What’s the meaning of your life? Why do you do what you do?
-Etiquette: What are we doing wrong? Please tell us! We need to know!
-Confidence: How to build our confidence and stay strong and powerful women!
-Features of everyday women: Share about a friend or any woman who is doing amazing things in her work and life. Interviews welcome!
-Of course business, career and job search topics are always welcome but please send us something that is unique and not on all the other blogs out there already!
Other ideas always welcome!
Other specific ideas if you can’t think of anything:
We are open but many of you have been asking for ideas…so here you go! This is long, so don’t get overwhelmed. 🙂
  • The pros and cons of job hopping
  • How to become a minimalist
  • How to get out of debt
  • How to conduct a webinar
  • How to advertise your new business online
  • How to use Google Analytics
  • How to create a blogging calendar
  • SEO for beginners
  • Movie reviews (and how they relate to your career)
  • The best career and job search online tools
  • The best stores for work clothes
  • Internship tips
  • Best coats….best boots….best flats….best work from home clothes, best work totes (you get the idea:)
  • How to plan a vacation from work
  • Maternity work clothes tips
  • Celebrity CEOs We love (Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, etc)
  • The best office chairs (classy, cute but comfy too!)
  • 20-minute dinners
  • 10 Amazing Things Under $10 to Treat Yourself
  • Tips for traveling with kids
  • Offices We Love (Pics please!)
  • Tips for weekly grocery shopping lists: The best printables online
  • How to decorate your office for cheap (pics please!)
  • Best on the go lunch ideas
  • Where to shop
  • Favorite workouts or gyms
  • Favorite traveling spots (travel guides)
  • Steps to take when you upgrade your phone
  • The best articles and resources for introverts
  • How to create a book club
  • How to pamper yourself after a long week
  • How to find an accountability partner
  • Popular business ideas you can start today
  • Popular winter drinks!
  • Tips for managing maternity leave and coming back from maternity leave
  • Getting over a lack of self-motivation
  • Conquering health problems like too much tension and stress.
  • Handling unemployment
  • Handling anxiety around retirement, planning for children, making other important personal decisions, etc.
  • How to not second guess yourself all the time.
  • Getting over stress over day to day bills and unexpected expenses that arise.
  • How to figure out what type of work would make me satisfied.
  • How to get more sleep
  • Real life business start-up stories
  • How to find focus when job searching
  • How to handle company layoffs
  • How to find direction
  • How to choose a college major
  • Handling anxiety
  • How to shut down at the end of the day
  • How to get over self-doubt
  • How to travel more with your work
  • How to work with bad co-workers