Your New Year Planning Template For an AWESOME New Year!
Happy New Year!!  Make sure you find some free time today or tomorrow to write down your answers to the following questions.  If you want to see a template already completed, I just wrote down all of my answers to our New Year planning template on the blog a few days ago here.

1) What are the goals you achieved in the last year?

What did you complete?  Go through your calendar or your completed to-do lists? Big or small, it doesn’t matter. What did you accomplish?

2) What is your New Year Gratitude list?

 These are the things you are truly grateful for in the last year. Big or small again, it doesn’t matter. This year I got in a habit of writing down three things I was thankful for every day. It’s such a wonderful reminder that the little things like sipping coffee on my balcony or a manicure are things that I really am grateful for and make me happy. And of course my amazing family and friends I am grateful for too! 🙂

3) What are your biggest regrets from the last year?

Is there something you neglected or feel bad about not accomplishing this year? Did you not devote enough time to completing your goals? What is still left undone? Did you devote enough time to your family or were you too busy to relax and enjoy the little moments. Remember these regrets when planning for next year.

4) What are your final to-do’s?

What do you still need to knock off your list this year so you can wake up tomorrow with a clean slate?  For me, that is knocking out my emails which I plan to go through this afternoon!  Maybe there is someone you have been meaning to call or an email that you have been meaning to write. Do it today!

5) What are some word you want to describe next year?

My words are simple, balance, focus and peace.

6) What is your quote for the New Year?

My quote is “Don’t manage stress. Prevent stress.”

7) What is one question that you want to guide you through the New Year?

My question is “What can I delegate or say no to?”  Saying no is really important to me this year so I can free up time for my big plans in the works!

8) What are your personal goals for next year?

This could be waking up earlier or working out on a more frequent basis. I hope to try meditating in the new year and doing yoga on a more consistent basis.

9) What are your professional goals for next year?

These are goals for your career and professional life such as getting a raise, finding a new career or getting promoted.  It could even be improving your time management, expanding your network or gaining knowledge in a new area that will help your career in the long run.

10) What things are you going to say “No” to in the New Year in order to make your new goals a reality?

In order to make big things happen, sometimes we have to clear out the things in our way.  This involves saying no.  I know it can be hard but this will make all the difference for getting what you want to get done.
If this is hard for you, start making a list of all of the things in your day that you don’t like doing. Then, figure out what you can start outsourcing or delegating. Or maybe there is already a simple system that you can put in place that someone has already created such as mint.com for tracking your budget.

A BIG happy new year to you and I wish you all the best!! I hope I can help you accomplish your career goals and I am looking forward to the journey!



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