Here’s to Your Health! – Our Best 8 Health Articles
Here’s to your health! Since health topics are always a hot and trending topic on CCG, we thought we would do a roundup of ALL of our very best health articles.

Read these 8 articles to learn how to get balanced and improve your health:

5 Simple Health Tips We Love: I know how important this stuff is and continually strive to maintain my health so I can have as much energy as possible for my husband, daughter and everyone who reads and supports this site. I am not perfect, but here are my 5 simple health tips.
10 Quick Stress Relief Strategies For a Crazy Schedule: While the economy slowly recovers, many employees will forever be responsible for more tasks than ever before in the history of the corporate world, with little help from colleagues and the intense pressure of looming deadlines loath to let up. Here are 10 1-minute quick hits of relaxation that you can do at work without anyone knowing you’re taking a much-needed break.
The Balancing Act: How to Be Your Best Self: Having a daughter has actually helped me prioritize and focus on the most important things in my work and life. It has helped me say no to the things that are not really that important. In today’s video I am sharing with you the three things you must do to be your best happy and balanced self.
Taking Care of Ms. CEO: You can’t start planning out your team, growing your sales funnel or building strategic partnerships until you are working at maximum capacity. If you aren’t at your best, your entire business could crumble. As you become an entrepreneur, you need to learn that you don’t have to work like you did when you were in corporate.
My 60-Day Insanity Challenge: In our careers, we have a tendency to focus 100% on our work and forget about the other areas of life.  I know I have been there.  Working late hours, forgetting to take lunch breaks and not eating a healthy breakfast, we rush out the door with a coffee cup in hand.  We also don’t make sure we get enough water, fruits and vegetables throughout the day.  In the last few months, I have been searching for a way to take back my health and life.
2 Must-Watch Yoga YouTube Channels: Who else loves a yoga workout? I’ve been on a yoga kick lately. I think it’s the change of weather that has me throughly enjoying the working out in the comfort of my own home. I also enjoy doing yoga with my daughter. It might not be the most relaxing thing to have a toddler hanging onto you while you are trying to do downward dog, but she gets really excited when I pull out the mat. It’s become our new nightly routine.
Entrepreneur Exercise Secrets:  As an entrepreneur or an office worker today, it is so easy to live a sedentary lifestyle and just eat what’s easy to grab or to not eat at all. For a long time, I would hit up the vending machine for chips in the afternoon at least three days a week. It did not make me feel well and I was not keeping exercise a priority either. I just wasn’t paying attention to my health. Sound familiar?
Networking Interview #19: Health and Nutrition Advice For Career Girls: Today in my networking challenge I am speaking with Lisa Marie Rowell.  Lisa Marie is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant and she practices clinical whole food nutrition at Body Basics, a health center in San Diego, CA and I am so excited to speak with her today and so thanks so much Lisa Marie for being here!

We hope these help get your health on track! What are your health tips?

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