5 Social Media Tips for Writers Who Want to Get Noticed
The superfluity in avenues for writers to be discovered has inflated over the years. The power of social media has contributed to this since every industry around the globe is using it to gain momentum for success. A solid online presence and quality content is important in creating a consistent and substantial audience for yourself.

5 Social Media Tips for Writers Who Want to Get Noticed

1. Be Consistent

Arguably, social media success has been affiliated with consistency in profiles and posts. Stability and optimization in social media profiles make it easier for writers to interact with their followers. First of all, make sure that all your social media handles are similar. Bloggers especially should aim for a readership that is consistent in terms of time and day. Readers should know when to expect content. A good writer’s style, theme, and voice should be steady while at the same time ensuring their content is broad and diverse. You’ll easily gain attention if your content strikes an interest to the readers.

2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the most popular way of brand marketing in the online world. Writers can create unique or hashjack content to promote their skills and brand. Hashjack is a term used when you use popular hashtags. This popularity ensures growth and engagement with followers. By coaxing conversations with prospective followers, your chances of visibility go way up. Additionally, this gives awareness to audiences on topics that interest them. However, before using these hashtags, it is salient to do research on them.

3. Choose The Appropriate Platform

There are a lot of social media platforms, but you don’t need to join all of them. You should only use networks that are strategic in order to actively indulge any potential clients. An appropriate platform depends on the type of content that you write and the level of interaction you expect from readers. For example:
  • Instagram is a very useful tool for writers who would love to express themselves further through art and images.
  • Twitter ensures that a writer is interactive with other writers and readers through responses and feedbacks. Twitter polls have made an immense contribution to the collection of these surveys.
  • Facebook is suitable for all writers who share articles with their readers and can also join writing groups to enhance a personalized interaction with other writers.
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4. Create a Personal Brand

The differentiation strategy, in the economic world, is a marketing strategy that ensures brand loyalty from the consumers. One way to interact with followers is to take a unique approach to your posts that reflect your own voice. Building a good reputation is key in augmenting customer loyalty hence maintaining an online presence. Personalization also includes optimizing content that is compelling to followers. Positive social activity determines the level of exposure, that is, chances for followers to click the share button grow.

5. Be Active

It is important to set aside time to consistently check all of the social media platforms you’re engaged with. Posting frequently and responding to feedback is one way of ensuring you’re socially active online. Showing an interest in followers ensures that they follow up on your work while simultaneously sharing it with their friends. You need to update your audience at all times and this may be the fine line between the success and failure of any writer.
Social media gives you a platform to draw potential clients and therefore it is shrewd for them to discern what they post to avoid ticking people off. A writer should always be careful to stay away from bad publicity. All in all, social media makes the world become one online community with over 70% of users. By the year 2030, Facebook will have an estimated 5 billion users and 80% of the world’s population will become social media users. This growing wave of users will rely on social media for writing services.

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