4 Ways To Make Workplace Fashion Super Comfortable
For many of us, the idea of women’s work fashion conjures up images of stodgy pant suits, finicky pantyhose, and ankle-breaking heels. Thankfully, this mental image is as outdated as the business-smart blazer your mom still has hanging in the back of her closet – shoulder pads and all.
Office wear, while certainly not uber casual, can definitely be super comfy. In fact, it should be super comfy. Nothing kills productivity like circulation-strangling nylons. When you’re comfortable, you’re happier and you work harder, and that’s what really bolsters the bottom line. (And it’s part of the reason why many offices have switched to business casual wear: employee comfort and happiness!)
Here are 9 ways you can take your work style and make it more wearable for increased everyday ease.

4 Ways To Make Workplace Fashion Super Comfortable

1. Lower Your Expectations

Kudos to women who can do the 100-yard dash in their stilettos, but for many of us, a day on our toes is pure hell in heels. You don’t have to wear heels to get a smart and chic office look. Instead opt for lace-up pointed toe ballet flats, a pair of sleek loafers or a sexy sling-back. Or, if you want a more comfortable rise, try out a pair of kitten heels. Just make sure you cover up your toes – unless your office is business casual.

2. Vest is Best

A little style structure can go a long way to making you look polished and professional, but that structure doesn’t always have to come in the form of a blazer. Vests are also wonderful to add shape and a dignified poise to your look. Just keep the material and pattern suitable for the workplace. A bold red tartan? Sure! A leather vest? Definitely. A Hello Kitty print? Absolutely not.
And speaking of work fashion no-nos, keep in mind that while business casual environments may be fine with you flashing some under-arm, your pits should be strictly concealed in a business formal environment. This means that while that leather vest can be worn sans shirt and sans bra on Saturday night, you are going to want to pair it with a blouse for work. A classic sheer white blouse with a camisole underneath will do brilliantly, offering a beautiful juxtaposition to the sturdy strength of the leather.
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3. Slack Back

Nothing brings to mind images of confined, itchy pants quite like the word “slacks.” Banish it (and them!) from your workplace vocabulary. While super casual distressed jeans are probably OK in the laxest business casual environment, you’ll be hard-pressed to get away with them in a formal office environment. Still, even with restrictions, you can still have a lot of fun (and comfort) with it. Think about easy and breezy wide-leg palazzos, super sophisticated pedal pushers, sleek and sexy (and stretchy!) straight leg pants and (YES!) even leggings. Opt for different hem length and leg width for a truly inspired look, every day.

4. Hem and Huh?

When it comes to workplace fashion, hem length is a constant point of concertation. How short is too short? Here’s the thing: traditional business formal wear dictates your hem length should be at least knee length, but depending on the industry in which you work, this rule may be negotiable. For instance, if you work in the fashion industry, you may be able to swing a shorter skirt as long as it is still decent.
So decency is the first order of business – and it is also a factor that will contribute to your comfort. If your skirt is too short and you’re constantly doing damage control, you’re not going to be able to concentrate on your job. Normal activities like sitting and crouching are perilous to your pride with shorter hemlines, so to keep your dignity in place, opt for longer dresses or skirts. Before you think the suggestion sounds positively matronly, look around at the options for today’s workplace fashion for women. Even longer skirts are playful, and chic; unapologetically flattering figures and turning heads.
Now go forth and be comfortable, be stylish and be productive!

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