Working Mom Shares Her Creative Balance Tips
Are you a working mom seeking a balance between mommy and mom”me” time? Life is BUSY, especially for millennial women constantly working, striving, and achieving in all areas of life. When we take the time to slow down, correction, IF we take time to slow down, one must ask, are we working towards, striving for, and achieving balance amidst all of life’s demands?
Is it possible to cultivate an environment where women can refuel and nurture their creative gifts? These are the points this millennial mama ponders when she finally makes a habit of carving out creative space in the whirlwind of daily living.

Ahhhh…creative space…a luxury I have missed since becoming a working mom.

Setting aside time to be with my thoughts has become a bit of a hurdle these days. Between endless laundry, dishes, and diapers, I find it hard to connect sentences, never mind full-fledged contemplations about life, love, and faith.
In an effort to reclaim this necessary and holy space of meditation, I have decided to lock myself in my bathroom, shut the door, and give myself 20 minutes of uninterrupted “me” time before crawling into bed. Tonight, creativity is my muse and I find myself waiting for a little inspiration.
As though he knows what I’m up to, I hear a faint squeak from the crib on the other side of my porcelain sanctuary reminding me of the “little inspiration” and creative gift I have been blessed with through my one-year-old son.
A baby is like a blank slate of life demanding attention, care, and creative problem-solving. A baby will not let you forget the creative potential and renewal each day brings. Children inspire a habit of devotion and love…two essentials required to nurture and develop any creative gift.
It is my hope these nightly meditations will help nurture and develop my creative habit of writing. I hope to encourage other women to nurture their own creative habits amidst life’s many responsibilities.
While one year of “mommy experience” by no means qualifies me as an expert, one thing I know for sure is women NEED other women by their side on this journey of late night feedings, early morning play dates, and halting all prior plans to find that lost binky…you get the picture.

This motherhood transition is a game changer!

I never knew I could be so in love and so exhausted at the same time…all the time. The last year has been a refining process of losing and finding myself, knowing the woman I was before becoming a working mom is being shaped to love and serve with my whole being. That being said, my creative side desperately seeks a balance between mommy and mom”me” time.
After all, I want to give the best of me…not what is left of me. Finding and pursuing my creative habit is where this balance begins!

Do you find it challenging to balance Mommy and Mom”me” Time? Share your thoughts or tips in the comments below!

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