Work Life Balance: How to Deal With Stress at Work
We all feel a bit stressed from time to time. Whether you’re fed up with your computer being on a permanent freeze mode or struggling to find the information for an important presentation, work can be stressful.
When that stress festers and starts to get overwhelming, it can make your work life unbearable. It can even take away joy from your off hours.
Believe it or not but sometimes stress can be a positive thing. If you have a big project and your workplace is buzzing with lots to do, it can help you to be more creative and efficient. And we’d all be bored without a little bit of pressure, right?
The key is to know when the work stress becomes too intense for you to function. Here are a few of the top reasons for stress at work and how to get them under control.

Work Life Balance: How to Deal With Stress at Work

Overwhelming Demands

If you feel that you have too much on your plate or don’t feel confident that you can complete your assigned work, it can lead to stress. Before it gets too intense, speak with your boss or HR department about obtaining extra training to help you with your assigned tasks.
Also, review the work and see whether it would be better suited to share with a colleague. By facing the problem and talking about it openly, you can deal with the stress before it takes hold.

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Lack of Support

Do you feel alone at work? If you don’t have anyone you can talk to at work, it can lead to workplace stress similar to a bullied kid in the playground – and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If you can, find someone you can confide in – whether it’s a colleague, someone in HR or find the courage to tell your boss. It is their job to ensure you have the support you need and they must make arrangements to ensure your voice is heard.

Undefined Role

If you’re not exactly sure what your role entails and your workload varies wildly from one day to the next, your uncertainties can cause a lot of worry and stress at work. You should always have a clear job description and your role should follow it closely.
Although we are all expected to do what is necessary to make the business thrive, your job shouldn’t involve things far beyond your experience and knowledge – that’s unfairly placing stress on your shoulders. If this is the case, speak with your manager for the reasons why they’re doing this (they may be valid) and if there is an end in sight.

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Is my employer obligated to help me handle stress at work? 

Definitely. An employer has duties under health and safety law to assess and take measures to control risks from work-related stress.

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