3 Smart Strategies To Find Work You Love


My brother loves music and lately he has taught me a very important career lesson, do work you love.  You may not start on top and you may have some bumps along the way.  But, if you work your butt off, you will succeed in doing what you love and get paid for it!
3 Smart Strategies To Find Work You Love

3 Smart Strategies To Find Work You Love

When we were younger, my little brother and I were complete opposites.  I was a straight A student, varsity tennis player and loved high school.  My brother hated high school, high school teachers and any extracurricular activity that had to do with high school.  When he told me that he wasn’t going to his high school prom, I thought he must have been adopted because there is no way we were related.  I mean that is the most important day of your life!
find work you love
This week I got to see my brother in action.  My brother is the man behind the music industry and gets to travel around the world with musicians.  Even though he is on call 24 hours a day, he has a smile on his face the entire time and he loves what he does.  He is what we all strive to be, passionate about his job.
So, if you want to find work you love and live your passion every single day just like my brother, here are some smart strategies to implement in your career search.

3 Smart Strategies To Find Work You Love


3 Smart Strategies To Find Work You Love

1. Informational interviews

Informational interviews give you a first-hand perspective so you can see how you fit into the work setting and allow you to see if the person you are interviewing loves his or her job.  It’s really like an investigation and you are really determining if the type of job could be work you love doing in the future. Most likely, the person you conduct the informational interview with should be upfront with you about the positives and negatives so you have a better idea if you really want to go into that profession.

2.  Career Assessments

Career Assessments and personality tests provide feedback on what careers will be a good fit for you based on your interests, motivations and abilities.  These will also help you find out what kind of organizational culture you will be most comfortable and successful in.

3.  Network

Over 70% of positions are secured through networking. Keep your network filled with former employers, colleagues, friends of parents, classmates and neighbors. Remain in contact with them whether you are employed or not. Networking is most useful when you are not looking for work.

If you work your butt off, you will succeed.

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The average American manager works 42 hours per week, but a substantial number of managers and professionals – three in 10, or 10.8 million people – work 49 or more hours per week. With so much of your time spent at the office, are you doing work you love?


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