How to Master Your Work Day in 5 Easy Steps
 The life of a working woman isn’t easy. It’s a delicate balancing act fitting work and your private life into your schedule so that everyone, including yourself, is happy.
If you give your work too much attention, you won’t have as much time as you want with your kids. Balance those out and you may start feeling like you don’t get any alone time with your husband. Add a date night into the mix and suddenly you’ll wonder when you’re going to have some time to yourself.
You don’t need to struggle with balancing all your responsibilities. With a few tips, you can better organize your time so you can do well at your job, spend quality time with the ones you love and still find inner peace along the way.

How to Master Your Work Day in 5 Easy Steps

1. Prepare The Night Before

Get in the habit of writing down a plan for the work day the night before and preparing what you can to simplify the next morning. Get the snacks ready for your children’s lunchboxes and decide what you’re going to wear so you aren’t digging through your closet 30 minutes before work.
Consider what you have planned for the next day when choosing the colors you wear. If it’s going to be a tough day, put on a red, yellow or orange accessory. Those colors improve confidence and overall energy, and as an added bonus, orange stimulates your creativity. If you’ll be in a meeting, go with the authoritative black or calming dark blue.

2. Get The Ball Rolling

Start every day with the same routine, as this can drive you even when you’re not feeling very motivated. Try setting your alarm 15 minutes early so you have a little time to yourself before dealing with your day’s responsibilities. Having plenty of time to take a nice shower or sip a cup of coffee can make all the difference when you have a long day ahead.
Make it a goal to always arrive at work early, as you’ll be far more relaxed this way. The right music on the way to work is a great way to get in a productive state of mind.
Devote your first hour to responding to emails, as those people may need your response to start their own work. Write a to-do list, so you don’t forget anything important, and get rid of unimportant tasks.

3. Find Your Productivity Peak

Your energy level will rise and fall throughout the day. Taking a Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire can help you figure out when you have the most energy.
Whenever possible, schedule your most critical tasks around the times when your energy is at its peak. Do everything involving numbers and write articles that need technical expertise.
Use your non-peak times to handle creative tasks: brainstorming, artistic work, organizing your desk. You might even notice that ideas pop into your head when you’re playing with your kids. Write them down.
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4. Take a Break

The human brain can only work for so long before productivity suffers, so you need a short break every one or two hours. Make several shorter breaks and allow your brain to relax and get rid of stress. You can do some breathing exercises or just close your eyes and get lost in a daydream.
One option is taking a break every time you complete a task. On your break, you can check in with your family to make sure everything is alright. This can function as a reward system and great motivation.
Your day should include one longer break. Take this time to get some fresh air and even do some physical activity. Walking in heels works well as a workout, and there are exercises you can actually perform at the office.

5. Leave the Work at the Office

Towards the end of the day, your brain will be tired, so don’t begin any important projects. Devote the end of your day to finishing up tasks and planning the next day.
When you leave the office, leave your job there and spend quality time with your family. Also, make sure you have at least one hour of me-time.
Balancing your work with your personal life takes time. If you plan your day out well and only focus on work when you’re at the office, you’ll get the most out of every part of your life.

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