Work After Baby: How to Cope With Baby Separation Anxiety
Many would argue that nothing in this world is more agonizing than leaving your little bundle of joy at home for a good part of the day. Indeed, it is hard to part even for a few minutes from your child. And missing the baby’s angelic face and smile for so many hours is like leaving your whole world behind! At the same time, getting back to work is also essential to provide a good education and future for your child.
This is the harrowing reality every working mother throughout the world has to face. Leaving your world in someone’s care for the day is so full of guilt. However, you can alleviate the anxiety of separating from your baby with a little preparation. Here is how you can control your restlessness.

Work After Baby: How to Cope With Baby Separation Anxiety

1. Start Staying Away From Your Baby For Short Periods

Since you probably know that you have to get back to work a few months after delivering a baby, it is better to be prepared in advance for when you start working. The best way to practice is by occasionally asking your partner or a relative to take care of the baby for a short period of time. This will give the baby time to get used to your absence and form connections with others. Of course, it’s important that your absence is filled by someone who can really take good care of your child.

2. Hire a Caregiver or a Babysitter

Since it’s not practical for you or your partner to stay at home all the time to look after your baby, start scouting for a caregiver or a babysitter. First, start looking for caregiver suggestions from your friends and relatives. Ask them who took care of their baby while they were at work and contact them for their rates and hours of availability. Also, contact a few licensed agencies that provide nannies to families. Since those agencies perform background checks on employees, you can feel more confident to leave your baby in a nanny’s care. Whatever decision you make, just make sure to cross-check it.
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3. Brief The Caregiver About Your Baby’s Routine

Your routine for caring your baby needs to continue even in your absence. As a mother, you know when your baby has to be fed, when s/he should be given a bath when you change his/her diaper, and how and when s/he goes to sleep. Brief that same routine to the nanny. Tell him/her about the routine you followed so that s/he gets familiar with the baby’s needs. In addition, you must also provide him/her a couple of emergency numbers to contact just in case the need arises. If the baby is on medication, provide details of the exact quantity of dose and timing. In addition, you should also give the contact number and address of your pediatrician.

4. Concentrate On Your Work, But Be In Touch With Your Baby

Your coworkers will probably understand that you may not be 100% in your office zone with your baby at home with someone else, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to leave work incomplete. You have to give attention to your work just the way you did for your baby. Concentrate on your work and reassure yourself that whatever you are doing, it’s for the baby’s good. If you are missing your baby (and you probably will), use lunchtime and coffee breaks to contact the nanny and ask how’s your baby doing. Knowing the baby is OK will help you relax and better concentrate on your work. Just calling once or twice a day will relieve you of your anxiety.

5. Take Tips From Your Colleagues

If any of your colleagues have experienced baby separation anxiety, their suggestions or recommendations can be really helpful! Listen to them and try to analyze their background and compare it with yours. If you feel following their opinion can help you better concentrate on your work and provide good care to your baby, give it a try!

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