Women Helping Women – Get Ahead Club Member Spotlight

Note from Anna: Today I want to share with you a little more about the Get Ahead Club in case you have been on the fence to join. Sara Wells, Blogger at www.faketillmake.com, offered to share with Classy Career Girl readers her experiences in the club.  Sara is a Career Specialist living outside of Maryland and shares on her blog ways to make the most of your career and finances. I hope that you will also join myself and over 30 professional women in the club today.  To learn more about how to join before the price increases on April 1st CLICK HERE.

Recently I got an email from a former high school classmate announcing the publication of her first book.  I have to admit that my first reaction was something akin to jealousy – but thankfully, I’ve had enough “foot in mouth” moments to learn to think before I react.  As I read more about her endeavors, my jealousy morphed into pride as I realized how incredible it is that a woman I know is doing so well; and though my accomplishments are different, I realized I can be proud of them too in the same breath.  I believe this ability to truly be happy for the accomplishment of others is something that female professionals are naturally more inclined to.  More than that, I think we, as women, are uniquely gifted at helping one another to achieve.  Men can also set aside ego for the good of someone else, I just argue that we women may do it a bit better.

It is that professional camaraderie that I appreciate most about Classy Career Girl’s “Get Ahead Club”.  The online networking lounge has been a place where professional women have safely shared goals, successes, and questions – met with encouragement.  Each member of the club, (especially club founder Anna Runyan), seems to be genuinely interested in seeing others succeed.  I think this is because part of being a Classy Career Girl is learning that the proverbial success pie is big enough for everyone to have a slice, and any woman who tries to consume the whole thing is far from classy.

Which brings me to a topic I am very passionate about as a career development professional – that is “women helping women”.  If I were to pinpoint the most influential people in my career, the majority of them have been strong women.  Managers and mentors have helped me along the way and given me a boost that they weren’t obligated to give.  Lessons learned from wise women tend to stick, and I think that’s what makes the “Get Ahead Club” work.  Members of the club have bi-monthly opportunities to hear from accomplished female professionals on topics ranging from time management to salary negotiations – and everything in between.  Anna Runyan makes her own career consultation skills available through mini career coaching calls, and Q&A sessions with club members.  Maybe it’s just because I’m an auditory learner – but hearing the interviews of the women Anna Runyan features helps the important lessons stick.

The thing I like most about the “Get Ahead Club” is also the thing that I find most important to the concept of women helping women in the professional world.  Club members are encouraged to not just take resources from the club – but to give back as well.  This is especially critical in our difficult labor market.  In 2012 the AP reported that 53.6% of college graduates were unemployed or underemployed in 2012.  That’s a daunting figure for young professionals emerging into a scary corporate world.  And so, “Get Ahead Club” members are empowered to reach out and pay it forward to other young professionals.  True success is contagious, not jealous or selfish, and there’s plenty of it to go around in the world of professional women.  I would advise every professional woman to seek out a community such as the “Get Ahead Club” for learning, encouragement, and accountability.

Note from Anna:  I hope that you will join myself and over 30 professional women in the club!  To can learn more about how to join before the price increases on April 1st CLICK HERE.


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