A 9-Step Formula For Wellness at Work
Studies have shown that unhappy employees outnumber happier employees by two to one. That means that out of every 30 employees, over 15 of them are unhappy at work and don’t enjoy their time in the office. That’s a depressing statistic, especially as we spend the majority of our week at work. The problem is that for a lot of workers being unhappy at work has become a way of life.
The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of ways you can improve your workplace wellness. ‘Wellness’ is a term that a lot of people are confused about. All it really means is taking care of yourself and having a mind and body that is in good shape. When we say ‘workplace wellness’ we’re talking about the impact that your workplace can have on your physical and mental health.
Many employers are aware that the workplace has an impact on your personal wellness and do what they can to ensure you have a nice environment to work in. Many employers also see the value of providing access to health facilities such as an on-site gym, a medical center, and even psychologists.
However, it’s not just the role of your employer to make your work environment more enjoyable. You are responsible for your own wellness. Far too many people just accept that while they’re at work, they will just be miserable. However, it doesn’t have to be the case. By taking steps to boost your happiness and health, you can make your time at the office a lot more enjoyable.
Trust us on this, by taking the below steps and implementing them, you will find that you enjoy your time at work a whole lot more.

A 9-Step Formula For Wellness at Work

1. Give Your Office a Mini-makeover

Most of us spend at least eight hours a day at work which equates to at least 40 hours a week. Since we spend a lot of time at work, an easy way to give our happiness a boost is by making our workspace our own. Whether you work in a shared office or have a private one, there are plenty of ways you can give your workspace a mini makeover.
By making over your area and making it as comfortable and welcoming as possible, you’ll feel a lot more at home. Simple changes like investing in new stationery or investing in a new mug, a cute pot plant, and a couple of photos that you love can make a difference in your overall motivation and work output. Studies have shown that if you like the space that you work in, you’ll be happier at work.

2. Make Friends

Friends just make everything better, don’t they? Research has shown that having a work best friend can boost your overall happiness and make work more bearable. Having someone to chat with, share jokes with and eat lunch with can make your time in the office a lot more enjoyable. It can also boost your workplace productivity and help your career advance even further by sharing each networking contacts.
If you don’t already have work besties, it’s time to find one. Make an effort to chat with your co-workers and attend social events together. If you do, you’ll soon find a group of great friends to spend your time with that you already have a lot in common with. Look for work friends in different floors and departments in your company. They don’t just have to be on your current team.

3. Smile

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘a smile goes a long way’, well it’s true. Research has shown that when we smile, we instantly feel happier. The same is true when someone else smiles at us because someone is happy to see us.
Similar to when we exercise and our brain releases endorphins that boost our mood, when we smile our brain releases neuropeptides that also boosts our mood. These endorphins increase our happiness and also help to reduce our stress levels. Smiling not only makes us feel happier at work, but it also helps decrease stress.

4. Thank Your Co-workers

When a colleague, or even your boss, does something nice for you, thank them. When we hear someone thank us, we instantly feel a sense of self-worth. This improves our mood and makes us feel happier to help others. When you thank your co-workers, your co-workers will be more likely to help you out when you need it.
Studies have shown that in office environments, one person’s mood pretty easily rubs off onto other people too. This means that the happier your co-workers are, the happier and more content you will be too. If the mood in your office is a negative one, the chances are much higher that you’ll be negative too. By thanking your co-workers, you can quickly boost the mood of your workspace.

5. Get Organized

It’s no secret that being organized is crucial when it comes to doing your job properly. A messy desk is not a nice space to work so keeping your workspace neat and tidy is a must. Keeping your paperwork, pens, and other items on your desk tidy will give your mood a significant boost. You’ll feel much happier in a well-organized space.
The other major benefit of having an organized workspace is that it will reduce your stress levels. Getting rid of the messy desk that’s a struggle to find anything can instantly boost your stress levels, making your time at work a lot less enjoyable. Your mental health plays a big role in how content you are when at work so it’s important to do all you can to keep your stress levels low.

6. Learn to Cope With Stress

With that in mind, it’s time to focus on stress. Having an organized desk can help to prevent stress from occurring, but that’s not all it takes. It’s not just about preventing stress; it’s also about coping with it. Every job comes with stress, and that’s fine because our bodies and minds are made to cope with it. However, too much stress can cause depression, anxiety, and a range of other mental health conditions.
That’s why it’s so important that you learn to cope effectively with workplace stress. The best methods of management differ from person to person. What works for your friend may not necessarily work for you. However, the most popular ways to manage stress while at work include deep breathing, taking breaks, and exercising. That’s why so many companies have gym facilities attached to them.

7. Eat Healthy

Various studies have shown that by eating healthy while at work, you can boost your wellness as well as your health. It’s no secret that healthy eating is crucial for a healthy body, but how does it impact your mindset? Research has shown that when we eat unhealthy food, we tend to feel bad about ourselves. We also tend to have a less positive attitude, which has an impact on our mindset.
If for example, you snack on foods high in trans fats, like crisps and chocolate bars, your blood sugar will go up and down. This can cause fatigue, headaches and a range of other health problems, making your work day a little bit less enjoyable. However, if you stick to whole foods like fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, your blood sugar will stay within a normal range.

8. Stay Hydrated

Unless you want to feel exhausted and suffer from nasty headaches, it’s essential to stay hydrated. If you don’t drink enough, your mind and body will suffer. You know that two o’clock slump you hit each day? Chances are that it’s the result of allowing your body to become dehydrated. If you want to be happier at work, you need to be drinking a lot throughout the day. (Unfortunately, coffee doesn’t count as a hydrating drink).
To be well hydrated, your body needs a lot of water and other healthy drinks. Coffee is packed full of caffeine which is addictive and can cause painful headaches. Instead, switch to drinking green tea. It boosts general health, aids weight loss, and is a great hydrator.

9. Celebrate Small Achievements

Last but not least, make an effort to celebrate your achievements. When you spend weeks working on a project at work, once it’s completed you need to celebrate. It may just be another project, but it deserves a celebration. By taking the time to mark the small achievements, you’ll feel happier and less stressed out.
Whether you choose to celebrate with drinks with your co-workers, a meal with your friends, or a new gadget, make sure to treat yourself. After working hard on something, you deserve a little treat when it’s completed. You’ll find that rewarding yourself for your successes will make your job a much more enjoyable one.
The truth is if you know how, boosting your workplace wellness is much easier than you would think. Take the above advice and you can make your time at work happier and more enjoyable.

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