The Website Traffic Blueprint: How To Explode Your Blog
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My Website Traffic Growth Story

I have been blogging at ClassyCareerGirl.com since 2010 but it wasn’t until I really made the commitment to grow my website that I started to see the results. I committed to making my website no longer a hobby. Instead, it was a business. That was a big commitment I had to make and I encourage you to do the same.
In 2015, our TOTAL page views for the entire YEAR were only 442,000. Right now on December 28th, 2016 average page views PER MONTH are 500,000 at Classycareergirl.com. How was I able to turn the traffic that I got in an entire year into now what I get in a month? This blueprint shares everything. I focused a lot on page views this year and still will continue to focus on this as my goal for next year is to get to over 1 million page views per month. As I write this, we hit another goal of most page views in one day of 31,641.

The Website Traffic Blueprint

Clarification on this Blueprint

Getting more website traffic is fun and all but just getting traffic is not a business. You have to have a way to earn an income from the traffic you are getting. I have said for a long time that having a blog isn’t a business. I learned that the hard way from blogging for years but never earning enough income to quit my job.
Before we even start, I want you to know very clearly WHY you want to grow traffic to your site. What’s your mission? Why is it important for you to have traffic coming your way? Do you want to impact other people and make a difference with the content you are sharing? Do you want to quit your day job and have more freedom in your life? Do you want to meet people around the world?
What is your website traffic leading to? It’s great to get a ton of traffic but I want the traffic coming your way to having a plan. Are you leading to an email optin or lead magnet? Are you leading to a free strategy session to you? Are you leading to an affiliate link, product, online course, coaching call, or advertisement?
Whatever you do, have a plan for every single person that lands on your website.

Here’s Where I Differ From Most Website Owners:

This last year that I went from 100,000 page views per month to 500,000 page views per month, I guest posted ZERO times. I used to guest post a lot back in 2012-2014 on top sites, and it would provide some visits but not very many.
Guest posting is not a strategy I use or recommend if your goal is to get page views. It’s great for the long-term and branding but the articles I’d rather be on instead that bring much more traffic your way are the “Top Career Sites” or the “Top Leadership Sites” or “Quotes From Top Career Expert” articles. Those awards you’ll get by doing the steps in this blueprint rather than spending a lot of time guest posting. Got it?
My Website Traffic Blueprint is also not about getting a ton of followers on social media. It might be cool to have a lot of followers these days but guess what, the platform you love so much could be gone tomorrow. Instagram and Pinterest weren’t even around when I started my blog in 2010 so I created my homebase at Classycareergirl.com and still have readers coming back from six years ago.
Of course, I am on all the social media platforms but everything leads back to my website and my blog articles. I have readers who have been reading my articles since 2010. They know me and continue to come back on a daily basis to see what’s new in our Classy Career Girl world.


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