The 10 Most Common Webinar Mistakes You Need to Avoid
What makes a successful webinar? The number of attendees? Traffic? The value of the content? The quality?
Webinars are one of the most effective online marketing tactics for your business. They can be your main source of traffic and engagement.
Delivering meaningful content in a webinar is important, but so is making sure your audience actually sees learns from it.
Does thinking about all that stress you out? We get it. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most common webinar mistakes. As long as you avoid these common mistakes, your webinar will definitely be a hit.

The 10 Most Common Webinar Mistakes You Need to Avoid

1. Promoting Only One Week in Advance and Not Enough

Ovеr 25 реrсеnt оf соmраniеѕ ѕеnd оut thе first еmаilѕ inviting contacts tо wеbinаrѕ at lеаѕt 15 dауѕ bеfоrе the event. If you ѕtаrt уоur promotion campaign twо full weeks in advance, уоu hаvе a lаrgеr window tо build аttеndаnсе numbеrѕ and remind аttеndееѕ.
The art of driving webinar registration is all about catching people at a moment of receptivity with a message that resonates with them. Extending webinar promotions beyond a week and delivering multiple messages and email types will increase your chance of successfully hitting that moment of receptivity.

2. Not Respecting The Audience’s Time

People start to lose interest after an hour. Sometimes your audience will be using their lunch period to watch your webinar.
People are busy. If you market your webinar at an hour, keep it at an hour. If you market your webinar masterclass at 2 hours, keep it at 2 hours.

3. Using a Double Opt-In Feature

We get the double opt-in argument. And some email providers strongly encourage using the double opt-in as a confirmation of not spamming. However, people are busy and will forget to confirm subscription. If it makes sense for your business and your email provider allows you to turn off the double opt-in feature, do so.

4. Not Providing an Add To Calendar Tool

If you don’t provide a quick and easy way to put your webinar on their business calendar, chances are good that your prospects will double-book or miss your event.
Calendaring tools dramatically improve registration-to attendee conversion rates. Embed a calendar tool on every landing page, allowing registrants to place your webinars on their business calendars. Include login details in the information that goes to the calendar.
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5. Not Visually Appealing and Quite Boring

Make your webinar visually appealing! Keep the attention of your audience by not speaking too long on any one talking point.

6. Not Engaging With Your Audience

Bring your audience into the presentation. It’s not a lecture. It should more or less be a discussion.

7. Too Much Text

Too much text is hard on the eyes and gets really boring. If your audience could just read whatever valuable information it is you have to share, they would just do it on their own time.

8. Letting People Know There’s a Replay

Don’t let people know there’s a replay off the bat. By doing so, you are training people to watch the replay. You want your registrants to attend live.

9. Mostly Selling and Not Providing Enough Useful Content

No one wants to be sold to. Lead with value and the sales will come.

10. Not Analyzing The Data

Reflect on the numbers. Let me repeat. Look back at your numbers! See what needs improvement so you won’t make the same mistakes the next time around.
Now it’s time to avoid these mistakes!! Which mistake are you going to focus on first?

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