4 Easy Ways to Wow Your Clients
You landed an awesome client! But now how to keep them? It’s not enough to provide a good service, there are plenty of other providers out there who can offer the same; you need to stand out from the crowd. The key is to provide an excellent customer experience and wow your clients. Your clients will continue to return to you for services and refer others to you as well. You’ve got to take care of your VIPs!

Here are four easy ways to show your appreciation and wow your clients.

1. Give Them First Dibs

Do you have amazing clients that you’ve worked with for a while and value their opinion? Next time you’re about to launch a product or service, consider sending it to these VIPs first. You can ask for feedback or offer a social media mention in exchange. Always let them know that you want them in on everything first because of their value to you and your business.

2. Educate Them

Your clients don’t know what you know, that’s why they hired you! You don’t need to teach them specific skills, but explaining WHY you did things a certain way will go a long way in helping clients understand and trust you.
For example, if you’re a web designer, something as simple as a site’s navigation can make a big impact on the visitor experience. Explain why you designed the navigation in a certain way and help the client understand that there’s more involved in creating a website than just choosing shades of color and fonts.
Beyond just educating them, provide clients with the tools they need to make it without you. Yes, you want them to come back to you but you don’t want them completely reliant on you every time they need to make an update or change in their system or process.

3. Thank Them for Their Referrals

Our businesses are built on referrals and word of mouth if a great client is always singing your praises, thank them for it! An easy way is to offer small gifts such as Starbucks or Target gift cards for every 3 referrals. Or, if they are a returning client, offer them a discount on your services. You want them to know that you appreciate their kind words and that it really does help your business grow!

4. Follow-Up

Just because the project is over doesn’t mean the relationship has to be! Following up with clients after their project ends shows them that you care about their success. More than anything else in my business, this has made the greatest impact in getting referrals and more business. This adds up to the wow factor.
By checking in on clients, they remember you when they hear of someone looking for a referral. It also prompts them to ask about maintenance work or new projects. I get a lot of, “Oh, you know what? I was actually thinking of launching a new course, can you help with that?” or similar requests from simple emails checking in with clients.
Following up with clients doesn’t mean you’re selling to them every time you hit “send” on an email. Following up means you’re actually checking in because you know if they have a problem, you can help. It’s not sleazy, and clients love knowing that you care.
The goal here is to go above and beyond for clients and customers that go above and beyond for you. Simply producing quality work means nothing if the clients leave unhappy with the overall experience. Be so good that they can’t forget you! That’s how you can wow them!
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