New Ways to Make Extra Money and Make a Difference
Have you noticed that most career advice (job searching or business) starts with networking!
If you struggle with networking and are looking for ways to make extra money, you are not alone.
Most people are STRUGGLING with networking when they are still figuring out what they want to be when they grow up!
Even if you are an extrovert and loving talking with others, networking is NOT the best way to start a career change.
In today’s video, I’m going live to explain WHY networking is not the first step in making a career change and how you can begin implementing a better career change plan immediately to get better and faster results.


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New Ways to Make Extra Money and Make a Difference

If you’ve been told to apply online, update your resume and work on your LinkedIn profile by other career coaches, they are wrong.
If you’ve been told to run FB ads, create a course, update your Instagram or post on Instagram by business coaches, they are wrong.
These are all the wrong steps to start with.
You might find a new job or start a new business with this advice, but will that be the RIGHT career or business you were meant to do?
If you don’t know what your ideal career is first, you’ll get stuck in the career change cycle again in a few months to a year. You’ll get burnt out because it’s not the right work for you.
You’ll hit a plateau and have a hard time getting interviews if you are job searching or new customers to serve if you are starting a business.
I’ve seen so many people take courses over and over again and continue to get stuck. So many times I see students of other courses get stuck on module 1.


Why is that wrong?

You will have more success when you find your ideal career fit first.  Networking is easier when you know what career you want.
I see so many people stuck and not moving past the beginning of online courses because what they need is the foundation.
They are taking courses on marketing, networking, and business WITHOUT knowing what their ideal career path is first.
Many other online courses skip the part of making sure the career or business is the right fit for you before jumping into advanced concepts like creating an online course or launching your product.
Your business will stop growing if it’s not your passion.
If you are working with a career coach to get another job, just another job or paycheck doesn’t help you get your long-term 5-year vision. Your career is never-ending so every career change is helping you reach your vision.
It’s a circle, it keeps going. You don’t just get a job and then it ends. You are continually growing and learning more about yourself and the role you were born to do.
You’ll ALWAYS get stuck when you are trying to launch the WRONG career for you! Just another job might get you a paycheck, but is it going to get you to your long-term vision? Your business will stop growing if it’s not your passion.
Even networking is much easier when you know the work you were born to do. So if you want more job offers, more customers and less stress, focus on identifying your ideal career or business first.


So what should you do instead to identify ways to make extra money?

First, you should identify your ideal career or business before you take another course, try another market strategy, start networking, complete online applications, post on social media, or work on your business website.
First, identify your calling.
Also, instill habits that will help you your entire career path.
Not only do you need to identify your ideal career or business you need to have a plan and system to reach your goals that you can use for the rest of your life.
This is why I don’t have a 5-week course. I have an ongoing membership. Some of my clients I have worked with for over 3 years to pivot and improve your life and career fulfillment every step of the way. Your career or business is a journey and it’s about implementing an entire implementation system into your life to decrease stress and overwhelm and increase happiness and fulfillment.
One job isn’t going to magically make life all better.
This is why every student I teach not just learns to identify and create their ideal career or business (with greater success) but then they also learn my planning system too.  Quarterly we do this step-by-step planning process that will change not only your career but also, your entire life.


The 3 Type of Plans You Need For More Focus And Energy

My students and I do these 3 plans together every quarter at something we call PLAN LIVE Implementation day.
  • Vision Plan: To make sure you are headed in the right direction.
  • Annual Plan: To identify what areas you will focus on to reach your goals over the next year.
  • 90-Day Plan: To break down your goals into smaller tasks and choose one thing to focus on when it all seems to be important.
For overall fulfillment, you need these three systems in your life consistently and you need to instill habits that will help you your entire career path.


WHAT you can do to get more job offers, more interviews, more customers, and more success:

Find your purpose. If you do this, you’ll have more financial success and less stress in the career change process. It will be fun and exciting instead. You’ll feel in the flow where time flies. You’ll wake up and know exactly what you need to do. You can do what you love everyday. You’ll have peace and calmness knowing you have direction and are making progress.  You’ll have more balance.
You’ll reach your goals and make health and family a priority. It’s easier to make a career change and faster to get results.


Where will YOU be a year from now?

The ONLY way to identify your ideal career or business is to dream first… don’t start looking for what jobs are available or what you are good at.
A year from now you can have more focus and energy and be confident in multiple ways to make extra money.
You can…
…design a career that is incredibly fulfilling that makes an impact.
…get hired at your dream job and do work that matters.
…get paid what you are worth.
…have the relief, joy, and freedom to never be stuck again.
…serve your audience and solve problems and turn that into a business.
…have the freedom to do work you love.
…save for retirement.
…get that down payment.
…take care of your family.
…go on a vacation.
…be proud of what you do.
That is where you can be a year from now by starting with first identifying your ideal career or business and then creating the plans and systems on a quarterly basis that will transform your life.
That is what I teach and what makes me and what I teach different. This isn’t a five-week course. This is a life transformation. You will NEVER be the same again.
I didn’t create this business yesterday. I have been teaching and clarifying my systems and frameworks for over 10 years. I have a system that works in any economy and any market.
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New Ways to Make Extra Money and Make a Difference

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