Does Travelling Impact Your Career?
So, you finished your education and are ready to move into the professional world? Maybe you’ve decided what you want your career to be or maybe you want to dabble in a few paths and decide which is best.
I encourage you to consider travelling as a way to enrich your life experiences and learn very applicable skills along the way.

Transferable skills you gain from travelling include:

1. Adaptability

Travelling is often fraught with the unexpected. Delays, social awkwardness, getting lost, schedule changes, etc. Sometimes these situations force you to think of coping strategies to get through an obstacle. When there is no electricity in the local villages, you are forced to become resourceful about conserving power or preparing food.
Travel gives you experiences that help you think outside the box and become more resourceful. Those qualities are certain to be appreciated in the workplace or if you are growing your own business.

2. Budgeting

Traveling is expensive, to put it bluntly. For the first time, you may have to consciously think about how much everything costs, including transportation and the food you eat. You also might have to pay large sums to travel between major distances.
With limited resources, you will be forced to learn the difference between a necessity and luxury. This travel abroad budget will set your foundation for your personal finances when you settle into your career.

3. Cross-Cultural Appreciation

The workplace is increasingly globalized nowadays. Whether you are a call center employee or the CEO, you may find yourself in the U.S. interacting and collaborating with coworkers in China. Travel experiences teach cultural understanding and sensitivity, which are vital when working in today’s very global market. A plus side to travel is that employers will be impressed at any travel experience you have and this can set you apart from a large candidate pool.

4. Problem Solving

Whenever I am on the road, I have a tendency to think about my problems in a more light-hearted way. This is because I observe how others handle situations and execute solutions in various cultures. Watching others approach issues and problems internationally often gives me an idea of a solution to implement that I may not have thought about previously.
Furthermore, the time away from work allows you to get refreshed and clear your head, so you may think of ideas that didn’t originally crossed your path. Every time I take a trip, I return home with new ideas to solve the problems that I have as an Autistic person travelling.
So, I beg of you, try and take a trip somewhere you’ve never been. Even if your budget is small, you can surely take a trip to a neighboring town for a day. No matter how small or big a travel experience is, there is always something to take away. Even better, you will be more confident facing your future employment prospects!
And if you are already integrated successfully into your chosen career, spending your free time traveling as much as you can won’t hurt you either. All of the benefits mentioned above can help you bring new ideas to your position as well. Let us not forget relaxation is important, and travel does just that.

Have any more travelling benefits to add below? Feel free to comment!

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