10 Tips For Email Etiquette
 Today we often use email to communicate in our work environments rather than picking up the phone. Because of this, it is very important to know how other people perceive you when they read your emails.
Without conversing over the phone, you have to put extra effort into making sure the correct point is getting across before you hit the send button. Here are 10 email etiquette tips to help you maintain your professional image online.

Top Email Etiquette Tips

1. Respond quickly: Once you get an email request, try to respond as quickly as possible. Even if it is just to say that you are working on the project, the other person will be very happy to receive a status update so they won’t have to worry that you didn’t receive the email.
2. Re-read! I recommend reviewing emails a couple times before sending. Better yet, take a little break and come back to the email when your mind is fresh. For an important email, consider having someone else read it to make sure it makes sense and that there are no grammar mistakes.
3. Use a Signature: Make sure you include your title and how to contact you. Don’t miss this opportunity to direct them to your website if you have one.

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4. Keep It Short and sweet: I recently read a statistic that the average worker receives and sends 200 emails per day and spends a majority of their work day managing email. Make it easy on the receiver and keep your subject line and email short. If the receiver opens your email and sees a lot of paragraphs, most likely they will not read the whole email.
5. Be Careful with Humor: You never know how your humor will come across when it is read by another person. Be careful with what you say because the receiver will have written documentation to use if they have any issues with your humor.
6. Do Not Overuse CC: or Reply All: Please don’t copy the whole world. Only include those people who really need to be kept in the loop. DO NOT use Reply All to an email that goes out to the whole team unless it is really needed.
7. Know when to pick up the phone: Before you send an important email, think about whether picking up the phone would be better. Never use email to negotiate or when you have an urgent question or request.

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8. Know when to write a letter: Remember the personal touch of a handwritten letter and use it. It will make you stand out and not be forgotten!
9. Professional Email Address: Get one. You want to stand out but not by having your childhood nickname as your email address.
10. Don’t harass: If you don’t get a response from someone, give them the benefit of the doubt and don’t assume they are ignoring you. People are busy and often miss emails. Most are very happy when you give them a phone call to follow up.

I hope these email etiquette tips will help you maintain a great image at work! Do you prefer email or just picking up the phone? 

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