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It’s Anna here with my little helper.  

We are coming to you this week from our own house which is a huge relief. You see, last week my husband got sick and we had to vacate the premises. Luckily, we headed to the grandparent’s house nearby and I closed up my business for a few days. I am so grateful now that I can do that. I have structured my life, career and business around my family and my ideal lifestyle which allows me to make changes in case of emergencies like last week. 

Problem is, I get a ton of emails from women who want to quit corporate too but don’t know where to start. Or women who want to start their dream business but they have health benefits so they could never quit. Or moms who have a passion in (insert your passion here) but don’t have any extra cash to survive until their business starts earning them money.

I have heard it all and trust me, I had those same worries too! I had a six-figure salary and the corporate office with a great view. Why give that up to start my own gig?

I will tell you why. 

1) To have freedom and autonomy and work when I want to work

2) To have a purpose in life and live a life of meaning

3) To stop the stress and find a happier work-life balance

It wasn’t easy but I built my business on the side and submitted my resignation letter knowing that everything would be OK. I have now replaced my corporate income and work half as much creating online coaching programs.

Sound like fun? You are in luck because I am peeling back the curtain next Monday evening on a free training call. I will be sharing exactly how I left my corporate job for my dream business and how you can do it too. It’s called “5 Steps to Ditch Your Day Job and Transition Into a Profitable, Freedom-Based Online Business and Live Your Ideal Lifestyle!”

Grab your spot on the free training call now here.

Even if you have never thought about starting your own business, listen in. I might spark something in you that you never knew. 🙂

Here’s what I will cover on the free call:

  • How to determine when you should make your exit
  • How much money you need to save and how to make it
  • How to work less and make more by being your own boss
  • A simple system to ditch your day job without the overwhelm and stress

Have a fabulous week everyone!

Anna Runyan (and her little helper)

P.S. Remember to register for my upcoming free training call to learn how you can transition into a business you love in 2015. Click here to sign up.

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