From Stressed to Profitable Business

I’m excited to share my career journey with you and take you behind the scenes of how my life and business changed drastically in 2016 after a decision I made.

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I’ll be sharing things I have never shared before and you’ll discover how you can go from stressed and struggling to profitable business too!
I’ve had more failures than successes.

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My Secret Weapon: From Stressed and Struggling to Profitable Business

Before the TRIBE course, we were doing ok. I was proud that I had turned my individual and group coaching business into two membership sites. I also had published a book in 2014 and had been doing a ton of speaking including being flown to Brazil to speak to 800 women. It was amazing but I started saying no to speaking opportunities and being pretty picky about where I put my time when my daughter was born. I just couldn’t leave her to travel for a speaking event.

We were floating by, a year prior living with my brother and not having to pay rent was a life saver. We barely scraped by a few hundred dollars a week for childcare so John and I could really focus on our business for a couple of hours per day together.

I was proud of myself. I knew membership sites were for me. And I knew I could help more people and do it in a more streamlined fashion than working with someone one on one. I knew membership sites could give us the freedom and lifestyle that John and I wanted in our lives. And I was loving running the membership sites but every time someone quit and we would review our numbers, I would be devastated.

How were we going to make it? One person in and one person out. It was looking more and more like the Get Ahead Club that I had to close down in 2014…. We definitely were not making enough to cover our bills quite yet….


Since I take TRIBE every year, this last year I took it. It really changed everything for my business. I think some business owners don’t continue growing and learning. Since I’ve stuck to one mentor, each year I implement a little more of TRIIBE. I pay to upgrade and take it again and join his mastermind so I can grow.

And this last year we did. We re-launched, re-branded and combined 2 membership sites into one with everything Stu taught me over the years. We also launched a signature course, PLAN, so I now have a course and a membership that work so well together.

If anything I just keep taking baby steps forward. This last year was tough. We did the hard work behind the scenes to prepare us to grow and put systems in place for the future.

If you want similar results for your business, I invite you to meet Stu.If there is one person that has had the most impact on my business, it’s Stu McLaren. He co-founded the platform that I host all of my courses/membership sites on, Wishlist Member, and his TRIBE course completely changed my business in 2016.

Stu has a FREE workshop that is the BEST of the best. Not only has he helped me but he also helped Michael Hyatt, James Wedmore, Amy Porterfield, Jeff Walker, Kate Northrup and MANY other successful business owners you probably already know….

Sign-up for the FREE workshop running from now – May 7th here: classycareergirl.com/tribeworkshop

This workshop will inspire you no matter what type of business you have right now and you’ll quickly see how to use AUTHENTIC marketing because Stu is one of the most authentic people I know. You’ll also see how Stu uses his business to give back and influence the world. He’s inspiring to me and I think you’ll see why. Plus, the quality of his free stuff is above and beyond anything else out there.

Disclosure: If you decide to join Stu’s TRIBE Course, I am an affiliate and will receive a commission if you use my link when it opens up. If you join with my link, you’ll also receive my TRIBE Bonus Experience to help you take the TRIBE course and put it into action over the next 90 days. I’ll show you in detail how I got 500 members in a year. More details coming soon!

After I put myself out there and started moving forward and just taking action, and won the case study, Stu then flew his video team out to my house to record a case study video. Here it is.

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