Thirty-One Totes for Women at Work

Good morning! Today my friend Mackenzie is going to show us a few cute totes that we can use for work.  Thanks Mackenzie!

Thirty-One Totes for Women at Work

Hello all! My name is Mackenzie and I am thrilled to be a guest post on the Classy Career Girl blog. I’m an Independent Consultant with Thirty-One, if you haven’t heard of this company yet then you are in for a treat! Having increased their sales by 100% in only five months, Thirty-One is a hot up-and-coming company. The company was founded in 2003, celebrated its one-millionth order in November 2010 and then its two-millionth order in April 2011!

I am so excited to share a few must-have items from Thirty-One with you Classy Career Girl readers. When I first looked through the catalog, I wished I was still working in the office environment just so I would have a reason to own some of their beautiful bags. Alas, in this season of my life I am an at-home mom, so I scoured the products for the perfect diaper bag instead (this is what I chose and it really is perfect!). Now, thanks to Classy Career Girl, I can live vicariously through you readers and recommend a couple key bags and accessories that will make you look and feel glamorous, polished and professional.


The signature Cindy Tote, named after the company’s founder, is a classic, feminine version of the briefcase. It is roomy enough to fit your laptop, notepad and purse essentials while still looking slim. My favorite part is the satisfying “clink!” that’s heard when the metal feet rest on the ground, protecting the beautiful fabric. Available in four prints and also personalizable, there’s an option for every classy gal.


If a smaller purse is more your style, you can’t go wrong with the innovative Skirt Purse. After choosing a black or brown purse, you then mix and match whatever “skirt” fits your mood or your outfit! Nine Fitted Purse Skirts and two Fitted Elite Purse Skirts give women the versatility they need to go from the office to after-school activities to their nightlife. Simply hook the desired skirt onto the Skirt Purse (the hooks are completely hidden!) and you have a new purse whenever you need it.


It was nearly impossible to choose only a couple of must-have accessories, but I knew my first choice would be the Five Pocket Clutch. This handy clutch will keep your essentials organized and ready-to-go when you need them. Off to a mid-day meeting or an errand on the way home but don’t want to take your whole purse? Get home from work and want to take a different bag out for the night? If you keep your essentials in the Five Pocket Clutch, you can carry it by itself or transfer from bag-to-bag effortlessly. Add a personal touch with laser etching personalization – up to 12 characters or a 3-character monogram are options.


What Classy Career Girl doesn’t want a little fun in their life, a pop of color or splash of flair? When tucked into a purse, only you will know that a cute ruffle pouch is smiling at you from inside. At least when I look at the Ruffle Mini Zipper Pouch, I start to smile! It can organize your makeup or any other small items that tend to scatter around in your purse. My favorite part about it is that you can pair it with a Wristlet Strap and your little pouch becomes a stand-alone item, ready to be taken to a party, restaurant or movie containing your essentials.

Investing in a few key items that will keep you acting organized, professional and beautiful is crucial. Thirty-One products are all that and more! If you’d like to look through the online catalog and/or make an order, please visit my website. To order click on “Place an order” and then “shop now” next to Classy Career Girl’s name.

If you choose to place an order, make sure you check out the monthly special. Thirty-One’s #1 best selling tote is on sale and it will get you organized ASAP! Perfect for organizing all areas of your life, the Organizing Utility Tote is on sale for $7 with every $31 purchase. These also make great gifts, Christmas is right around the corner!

If you like to party, your wish list is bigger than your wallet or if you want to share the Thirty-One products with your friends, please contact Mackenzie for an in-home or online party today. You can earn amazing Hostess rewards including free credit and half-priced items.

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