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Today I want to share with you a new tool I found that I am quickly becoming addicted to!  I am all about fast and efficient, and this is it. Plus, these ladies are funny and have me laughing as I roll out of bed.  Here are the details from the Founders of theSkimm, Carly and Danielle. 

Introducing theSkimm

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a networking event and all of a sudden a topic comes up that sounds like gibberish? You know the gist, but not enough to jump in. Somewhere in the workday, time for reading the paper disappeared and a quick online scan of the headlines only gets you so far.
Cue theSkimm, an online newsletter that simplifies the headlines for the professional who knows enough to know she needs more. Our concept is simple: we read, you Skimm. With daily fresh editorial content, we seek to give you what you need to know and why you need to know it.
theSkimm is quickly becoming a morning addiction – what goes better with coffee than a morning Skimm? But we’re new at this. For two girls who came from the news world and grew up more Morning Glory than The Social Network, it took a lot of guts, and white wine, for us to make theSkimm a reality.

What made you take the leap to become full-time entrepreneurs?

The most frequent question we get in our new startup life is: what made you take the leap to become full-time entrepreneurs?
While we have always had a streak of entrepreneurialism in us, we were scared to death at the thought of leaving the career path in news we had worked so hard to get on in the first place.
Nevertheless, we were at a point in our careers where we saw the industry changing and wanted to take on more. Our “A-ha” moment for what ‘more’ was, came as we were texting one night, discussing a problem we saw amongst our friends – busy, successful, highly educated women who don’t have the time to dig through the news but still need the info to confidently go about their day. We realized the service we had been providing all along to our friends — explaining the news in a palatable, accessible way — was something everyone can use and benefit from, as an information concierge service.
Smart women have real questions. And they need a news service that answers these questions in a voice that connects with them.
P.S. This is not sponsored by theSkimm! I just have to share great tools that help us become smarter and more efficient when I see them!!

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