The Top 3 Winter Work Shoe Trends

Today’s post is written by Sarah Leeds, an online fashion writer from the UK, who is currently working on behalf of DUO.

We’re well into winter now, and for most of us it’s no longer practical to wear a pair of delicate ballet flats to the office. With the wet and icy weather, footwear needs to be sturdy but comfortable – not descriptions that come to mind when looking at beautiful shoes!

This can be especially difficult to decipher if you work in a smart office. Those of us who work in a more casual environment can get away with wearing chunky boots or high tops, but what should the rest of us wear with our smart pencil dresses and tailored pants?

Well, this season the trends are working in our favor at last, with a great selection of on-trend shoes to pick from.
Here’s a look at the top trends for winter work shoe trends!

Masculine Tailoring

The brogue has been on the fashion radar for a while now and it’s showing no signs of disappearing. Once reserved for men, they’re now worn by women everywhere. If you work in a job where you’re on the move and on your feet all day you’ll need shoes that are practical and comfortable. The brogue ticks all the boxes-professional, hard wearing and easy to walk in. A must-have for any working woman’s wardrobe. Pair with slim leg trousers and a shirt to get that androgynous look.

But, don’t be put off if you prefer to look a bit more feminine. Brogues now come in a huge variety of colors. For a feminine twist, opt for a flat lace up shoe in deep purple – the color of the season. For another feminine-masculine alternative, look for heeled loafers with a platform sole. These look great paired with a simple black pencil skirt and sheer blouse. Or combine mannish brogues with feminine colors in your clothing, such as pinks and reds to add a modern twist to a traditional shoe. There are so many ways to wear the brogue to suit any style or personality, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Animal Print

Animal print never really falls out of fashion so it’s a print well worth investing in. Just remember not to go over the top. It’s a great way to add interest to an otherwise plain outfit, so try animal print accessories. This can be in the form of a belt, scarf or bag, not just with your shoes. This season it’s all about leopard print. The loud print from last season has been replaced by more subtle browns. And to suit the winter weather, look for footwear with a thicker sole such as loafers or boots.

To avoid wearing too much print, little ankle boots are the most suitable. These can be worn with most classic workwear items and look great paired with tights and a pencil skirt or basic black or navy shift dress. To keep it classy, if you choose a pair of ladies boots in leopard print, keep them flat or with a mid-height block heel.  Those of us lucky enough to avoid the harsh winter weather can opt for a pair of leopard print slipper-style flats instead – This is a versatile and on-trend alternative to the classic ballet flat and looks great paired with a tailored dress or pants.


So we already know that purple is the color to be seen in this season, but what else is in? Winter is all about luxe fabrics and rich tones. Imagine luxurious velvet, butter-soft leather and gold accents. If purple isn’t for you, choose royal blue or vibrant red to add a pop of color to your workwear this season. If your wardrobe is filled with neutral tones, black, white and navy, this trend is for you. To avoid having to buy expensive clothing, incorporating a few luxe accessories into your work wear will give you an instant style update. Luxe fabrics may not be the most practical in the winter weather but you can be clever with it.

As a more practical alternative to suede which will get damaged in the rain, look for luxe leather with suede detailing. Leather is much more hardwearing and with the right treatment will last for years to come. This season’s boots are embellished with suede trims and button detailing, giving an ornate twist to classic styles. If you prefer to wear shoes in the office, these are best kept for indoors only or for dry days. Luxe shoes for winter are made of suede with ruffle detailing, delicate scalloped edges or leather trims.

So whether your workplace is casual or smart, update your wardrobe with one of this season’s hottest winter work shoe trends!

What shoes do you like to wear to work in the winter?

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