The Most Read Classy Career Girl Posts

Let the countdown to 2014 begin! Here are the most read posts on Classy Career Girl in 2013!

1. 15 Reasons I Am Proud to be an Introvert –  As an introvert, I have sometimes felt like I don’t fit in.  People often think I am shy and I don’t like to talk. I now love being an introvert and this post tells you why.  Be proud introverts!
2. The Top 10 Networking and Informational Interview Questions – Here are the answers to the questions I get over and over again about networking and informational interviews.  Don’t miss it!
3. How to Create a Vision Board – Step-by-step instructions on how to do this.  Perfect project for the new year!
4. 4 Salary Negotiation Tips to Get What the Job is Worth – Don’t miss these tips to get what you are worth at your next salary negotiation!
5. How and Why You Need to Make a Career Portfolio – A career portfolio is basically a support document that is used to support what your resume claims. Learn why you need to make one today!
6. 27 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile  – You can spend hours interacting in the LinkedIn discussion groups and connecting with your friends and co-workers but if you don’t have an awesome profile, all your efforts are wasted.  Here are 27 easy ways to update your LinkedIn profile today.
7. Why I Started My Blog – This year I celebrated my three year blogging anniversary and in this post I share with you the answers to the most commonly asked questions I receive about my blog.
8. 10 Things I Do Everyday to Help Me Be Successful – I haven’t always done these 10 things but as I have become more productive and successful in my life and career, these 10 things are so important to me now!
9. The Networking Challenge is Back + Update from Anna – This was an honest look at my life, business, career and relationships.
10. 15 Ways I Paid off $80,000 of Debt in 18 months (90 comments!) – This post I actually wrote in 2012 but it continues to be one of my most read posts in 2013. I am glad it has helped so many people and I hope it helps you too if you want to get out of debt in 2014!

What a great year of writing!  Can’t wait to see what my fingers type in 2014!

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