The Complete Guide to Career Change
If you read last week’s post on my time and productivity secrets, you know I am a big fan of batching. Batching is when you take similar activities and put them into blocks on your calendar so you can get more done without being distracted. So it only made perfect sense for me to batch the career change questions I received over the summer when I put out my latest survey to you. Thank you all for such great feedback, responses, and questions. I can’t wait to dive in!!
The Complete Guide to Career Change

1. How do you find the right company for your goals?

It all starts with creating an ideal career outline and determining what type of job YOU want first. The biggest mistakes are made when you jump online and start job searching and applying to jobs without knowing what you want. To find the right company for you, you need to know your values, your purpose, your mission, your ideal work environment and your ideal workday.  Then, you can start exploring what companies fit these requirements and doing informational interviews to narrow down your dream career fit. That is how you will find a company that matches your goals. I share more in “What’s My Calling” College, the first step in Love Your Career Formula.

2. How can you determine if a company is right for you before you receive the job offer and avoid wasted time?

See my answer to #1 and only apply to companies that meet your ideal career outline and ideal work environment. Know what type of culture you will thrive in. Some people prefer formal work environments and some prefer informal. Think about the difference between Gooogle/Facebook and IBM/Deloitte.
Which culture do you prefer? What size company do you want to work in? And most importantly, what is your calling and purpose and does that company you are applying to match your purpose? Are you excited about the mission of the company? Does it match your reason to be here on this earth or is it just a “job” to get a paycheck?

3. When do you know a change is needed? Not necessarily in careers but in companies.

You are not valued, rewarded or appreciated. Are you working your butt off and no one is noticing and saying ‘good job’? You are not challenged anymore and there is no opportunity for growth in your current job. You are stagnant, and you don’t have motivation to learn more. You are doing the same thing every day. Eventually, you will become an expert and you won’t be challenging yourself to learn more. Another reason for a career change is if you don’t trust your company. Your company is doing something sneaky and you don’t like what you see or hear. Or maybe you have lost your excitement and passion for your job. You should be enjoying what you do. The biggest reason for a career change (do it now!) is when you just know in your gut it’s time. The fact that you are reading this blog post is a sign it is time for a career change!  Trust your gut!
As far as changing companies go, are there opportunities you want in the advanced positions at your company? Are there any leaders there that you would LOVE to have their jobs someday? Do you want to be like them? If no, it’s a sign that a company change is needed.

4. How to find a career direction when you have talents and passions in a number of different areas?

Now, this is a great problem to have! I have a career now where I get to do all of my talents and passions so don’t think you have to make a choice into one passion. You may be surprised that in the future there is a way to combine all of the things you love. For instance, if you love sports and you love numbers, go after a job as a financial analyst position for the NFL. There’s always a way to make your dream career possible.
So, first I would write down all of your passions and talents and prioritize the ones that are most important to you in your next career move. Then, keep that list for later because we want you to continue adding those passions into your career for your future growth and development too!  For instance, for me now I am getting super pumped about wellness, health, nutrition and yoga.  Watch out because in the future here I plan to add all of these previously hidden passions into my career and business as well. It won’t work completely right now since my business is focused solely on launching dream careers, but I am staying open and listening to my intuition about how I can combine more of my passions into my current career.

5. How do you decide what is the best job or path for you?

I love this question because it was focused entirely on YOU, not your boss or your parents or your boyfriend or your dog.  🙂 It all starts with some serious self-reflection and understanding yourself better to find the ideal career fit for you. In “What’s My Calling” College in Love Your Career Formula, we guide you through the process of finding the right career for your personality. We also explore your interests, values, purpose, ideal work environment, ideal workday, favorite skills, motivations and prior work experience to help you determine the best job for you.
We also help you get feedback from those that know you well to help you see what maybe you don’t even realize that you do well or naturally. It all comes down to what do you do when you lose track of time? What do you do that you could do for hours and not get bored?  That is what I want you to find.  That’s my favorite thing to help my clients find! 🙂

6. How do I know if it’s simply me that I need to work on to be better at my job vs. I need to change jobs?

I think you need to change jobs.  When you are in the right career fit, it shouldn’t be hard. It shouldn’t be a struggle. It shouldn’t be a pain, and you shouldn’t even have to think about this question. You wake up and jump out of bed not contemplate what is wrong with you.  I’d explore what are the things in your job right now you enjoy and what are the things you don’t enjoy.  Make a list and focus hard on turning your current position into doing MORE of what you enjoy or making the leap and finding another company that lets you do more of what you enjoy.

7. How do you market yourself when you are not an outgoing person and not 100 percent sure of your skills?

Do you even know how awesome you are??  I want you to write down every job experience you have had or
every volunteer experience, even any group projects in school. Write down the challenges faced, actions you took and problems you solved. It’s also time for you to start a success journal where every day you write down three successes you have had. They can be totally small like I woke up without pressing snooze but pat yourself on the back! Do these two things and start repeating these affirmations every morning and telling yourself that you are awesome.  And get into a community of other women doing awesome things too.
I am an introvert, too, so I totally get putting yourself out there when you aren’t naturally outgoing. What I realized is that the more I did it, the easier it became and the more I starting getting closer to my dream career and doing the things I was passionate about, it started becoming a lot easier to market myself because I was 100% authentic and just being myself. It’s hard to market yourself when you are trying to be someone you aren’t.

8. How do I land a career out of college when every single one says you need so many years of experience?

There are so many ways to get experience so that you can make a move into a new career field. When I was switching career fields, I found the time (even though I was already busy with a job and school) to do my very best at an internship in a field I was super excited about. When you are excited about the work you are doing, you make the time. Mornings, evenings, weekends. Instead of thinking, there is no way I would have the time to volunteer.
Think instead, how can I volunteer? How can I make it happen? 
Once you decide and commit, the opportunities will come.  You might have to do a little networking or online searching but when you offer to volunteer at a company, often a big YES is what you will receive, trust me. Show the person in the new industry how excited and passionate you are to learn about what they do and HELP them as much as possible. You will quickly learn and pick up so many things just by volunteering.

9. How do I get out of my comfort zone and take a leap of faith? I want real details on preparing for it.

If finding or creating your dream career was easy, more people would be doing it. More people would be fulfilled, happy and passionate about work and way less stressed. The first thing you have to know is that you can’t prepare for it. It’s a lot of work. It’s scary at times. You will face a lot of doubt and fears.
You will also have moments when you have to pinch yourself when you make your dream career happen because you are just so pumped and excited that this is your new life. The leaps of faiths are worth it. The hard work is worth it. The baby steps and imperfect action is worth it.

10) How do I become more self-confident and optimistic?

Thoughts become things. Start telling yourself every single day that you are awesome and this life you live is totally awesome. Start a success/gratitude journal and every day write three things you are grateful for and 3 successes you have had each day. The more negative you are and down about yourself you are, the less opportunities will come your way.
The happier you are with life right now and all the things in your life, the more amazing things will come your way. Create a morning routine and repeat these affirmations every morning and every night. Create your vision board and believe it will happen. It can and it will.

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