Technology Must-Haves for Ladies Who Work Hard and Play Hard

In 2012, business, social media and mobile technology are so tightly interwoven that they almost seem to go hand in hand.  To a young professional just starting her career life, this convergence can be a great benefit.  If you can follow Twitter etiquette, grasp the concept of BlackBerry Facebook networking, and understand the use of tech startups like Klout and Technorati, you have a head start in the game of business.

Technology Must-Haves for Ladies Who Work Hard and Play Hard

Cutting Edge Social Networks

In fact, as a classy new career girl, your knowledge and fresh outlook in these areas can impress employers, co-workers and just about anyone trying to juggle the 9-5 and learning new skills.  Sure, just about everyone has heard of Instagram or Pinterest, but often, there is not enough time in the day to actually research every relevant social media app.  If you can take a moment out of the day to learn how to use them to improve your online persona, you will be soaring ahead of the curve.

Cutting Edge Mobile Technology

Oh and, hate to break it to you, but if you’re one of those girls who’s stayed comfy with her beat up, jewel-studded flip phone that you’ve been using since 2007, then you’re very likely to miss out on shortcuts in the world of business networking. Cute, but the old school thing is killing your image as a cutting edge professional. Today, smartphones are of the utmost importance for anyone really, but for a business professional, this is a no-brainer.  The debate between Android, Blackberry and Iphone is mostly trite, as they all fulfill the functions of most business applications, so just pick one and learn it inside out!

Cutting Edge Apps

When you do decide on your smart phone weapon of choice, your next step is to personalize it.  Most mobile devices give you an easy walk through of all the options you have, but you could probably get your phone as customized as you’d like!  When you take it home, step two is to download any apps you need and sync everything with your social media profiles.  For example, if you chose a Blackberry, you may want to browse from their app page on their site, and go from there.  Otherwise, there are many resources you can quickly find that will rate different mobile apps.

Cutting Edge Blogs

People started blogging and most companies started their blogs also. Bloggers are motivated to put their thoughts and ideas out there for various reasons – to teach, to gain more traffic, to help, to stay connected, to make money and basically to just have fun expressing themselves.

When you finally have your arsenal of mobile web 3.0 goodies neatly packaged and personalized, now comes step 3- Take it with you into the jungle!  You’ll be pleased at how intuitive mobile networking is.  If you’re out at lunch and bump into a fellow co-worker, you may want to snag their number, friend them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter all at the same time! Maybe even “check in” at the restaurant you are at using Foursquare or Facebook. Well, now as a new confident business professional, you can do all of that in a matter of seconds.

What are some other technology must-haves for ladies who work hard and play hard?

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