50 Daily Habits of Highly Successful People
You aren’t going to find your dream career if you are feeling like there is not enough time in the day. In order to be able to master your next career transition, you have to be able to master your life right now. That’s what today’s podcast is all about. Let’s dive into the daily habits of highly successful people!
First, we will help you master your time and productivity so your calendar and to-do list actually make you happy, not stressed. Then, we will dive into some mandatory self-care strategies and ensure that you feeling in control of your life and career.
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Podcast 66: 50 Daily Habits of Highly Successful People

These strategies I am teaching you today to help you master your personal life and career will change your life. And a little hint, if you want more training just like this, there is plenty more in our career change membership community, Love Your Career Formula, for women who want to figure out what their ideal career is and then find and succeed in that job. You can add your name to the waitlist for when we re-open doors to our membership community at loveyourcareerformula.com.

Successful People Habits – Mindset 

1. If your career and life were a perfect 10, where are you today in every aspect of your life. As women our careers and lives are just so intertwined, I know mine is. If I am happy at work, I am happy at home.  I talk with so many women who are unhappy at work and it is affecting their home life.  So this circle will help you assess where you are at right now in each of the areas of your life such as your personal development, fun, relationships/marriage, money, health, spirituality, giving and career. I think you will find it very eye opening.  
2. Know your level of career satisfaction and your reason for a career change if you want one.
3. Be OK with your path 
No one is perfect and each of us has our own unique journey to finding our ideal career path.  Don’t judge yourself. We are often our worst critics. Don’t think you have to be like everyone else’s path. Your path is unique and will be different. There is no “perfect timeline.” You are on the RIGHT PATH! Even if you feel like it is taking way too long. 
Everyone’s journey is different. You can’t compare yourself to anyone else.  

Successful People Habits: Part 2 -Time Management 

4. You are in charge of your calendar, your calendar doesn’t control you. Read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. 
What Gay Hendricks says in this book is this idea behind Einstein time. This is where you are in charge of your time. You are where time comes from. You can make as much of it as you want. So I want you to think about this, I want you to shift your thinking to this Einstein time, where you experience a major surge in your productivity, creativity and enjoyment. This shift takes place the moment you embrace one profoundly simple truth and that is you are where time comes from.  
5. If you don’t have a plan, your calendar will control you. 
Just doing whatever comes their way. Instead of having exact times when you will do certain things in your week. Discipline is required and planning is required if you want to achieve your career goals. This is why I have a weekly review session where I review what I am doing each day of the next week and everything is scheduled into my calendar. 
6. Have boundaries for social media, family time and personal time. 
I find that most of my clients are not alone enough and enjoying life and being present. Not taking a break from the internet and Always being tied to it. Now I carefully guard my Sundays for family time and try my hardest as well to have times when we turn off computers and don’t talk about work.  It’s so important to realize what your priorities are and to guard that time as hard as possible.   
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7. Categorize your time into focus time, administrative  time and sacred time.  
8. Batching is when you group similar tasks into blocks of time.  During this time you have no distractions             .   
Did you know that every time you are distracted, it takes 15 minutes to regain complete focus again?  Batching is when you group similar tasks into blocks of time. During this time you have no interruptions or distractions. You can maximize your concentration and really focus on the task at hand. 
9. Discipline is required if you want to achieve your career goals. 
I have to continually remind myself of this when I want to sleep in or go to bed during a big time in my career.  This is what will separate you from the rest. It doesn’t require that much time it’s just some time and that is where discipline comes into play. 
10. The Pareto Principle states that 20%  of your input creates 80%  of your results. Focus on the 20% that will get you the results you want. 
That means you must really focus on what is working when launching your dream career or business. You need to focus on the 20% of what is going to make the difference to save time and get faster results. 80% of what you are doing right now could be a waste of time.  
What tasks and activities can I do right now that are going to move me closer to my dream career or dream business? What are the 20% of actions I can do right now that will produce 80% of my results? 
Here are some examples…. 
11. 80% of job leads are found through networking. 
12. The top 20% of your resume is the most important section. 
13. The first 1-2 minutes of your interviews are the most important.  
14. If you are an entrepreneur, figure out which 20% of your time produces 80% of your business’ results, then you can spend more time on those activities and less time on others.  
15. Identifying the characteristics of the top 20% of your customers (who represent 80% of your sales). Then, you can find more customers like them and dramatically grow your sales and profits. 
16. Free  up your time. 
Because your career goals are SO IMPORTANT right now and really going to determine the rest of your future and happiness, you need to be very focused and selfish with your time. Even though you sister wants you to babysit and you are unemployed does not mean that you can babysit. Your full-time job needs to be job searching. 
 17. Automate your life, systematize  your life and delegate your life as much as possible. 
18. Find your best time.               
Not everyone can jump out of bed in the mornings and get to work. Not everyone can do his or her best work from 1am-4am.  When are you the most focused?  Morning, afternoon or night?  Don’t spend your BEST TIME watching television. Spend your best time focusing on what is the most important to you right now – job searching and getting your career unstuck.  
19. Make a morning ritual.   
The biggest mistake that I see made over and over is waking up and checking email and I did this too when I was in corporate.  It really ruined my entire day especially when I worked with people on the east coast who had been sending work emails for hours. No one should have to wake up like that!  
20. The more decisions  you make in the day, the less energy you have for your passions, your dreams and your goals.  
21. Wake up earlier . Make the best decisions and do your best work on launching your dream career or business first thing           in the morning!  
22. Limit your priorities. I recommend only focusing on ONE THING at a time. 
Now it’s time to make a list of everything you need to get done this week. Then, I want you to prioritize this list in order of importance. 
The truth really is that not everything you do is a priority.  Some things you will have to let go of and some things you will have to say no to. Some things you can batch together in an hour and knock out fast rather than putting it on your weekly priority list. The key here really is to simplify your to-do list so it doesn’t overwhelm you.  
23. Your priorities should be the tasks that will make the biggest difference  in your job search or launching your business. 
So we talked about this earlier when we talked about the Pareto Principle. Making sure you are focusing on what will make the biggest difference so if you are job searching it’s out there networking, meeting people and if you are building a business it’s focusing on revenue producing activities like client calls instead of blogging.   
24. Plan your weekly review.                     
How do I plan out my week for success so I am not stressed? I go into Monday knowing exactly what I am going to do for the week. My secret is my Friday afternoon weekly review.   

Successful People Habits: Part 3 – Self-care 

 25. Find your happy place
So this is for you if you feel like you need a little more creativity, I know sometimes we get stuck in a grind and aren’t doing anything that is beautiful or exciting or creative and most of us women need this.  
26. What activities did you enjoy as a child that you can add back into your life now? 
Figure skating, ceramics, going to an art museum.  
27. Make time for what you love every single day.  
A big mistake is not making time for what you love every single day and your passions and your goals.  I give you a huge congrats if you are here tonight because you put YOURSELF first in front of everyone else because that is a common mistake- Putting other people in front of you that you just get so drained.   
28. Pamper yourself. 
This could be a spa day, a massage, a manicure, it could be a new shirt to wear to an interview or networking event. Even if you have to plan it next week and save a little do it. Put it into your calendar. Have that massage appointment booked.  
29. If you have no energy  yourself, then you have no energy for those around you. 
30. Put on your oxygen mask  first before those around you.   
because I am a better wife, mother and CEO if I am making time for myself, This also covers asking for help and delegating.  It’s often hard to do these things but it is so crucial and I have definitely learned this in the first year of being a mom! So have some fun, call up some friends, schedule that appointment for a manicure, take care of you!  
31. You don’t have to be perfect.
We are all imperfect and trying to get to perfect can come with a lot of stress. Also, perfection kills creativity, which is very important when coing up with ideas and inspiration to launch your dream career.  Here are some ways you can start moving away from perfection: 
32. It’s ok to say no.
No one will hate you. It’s ok to say no.  I have a client whose boss keeps having her do his work for him.  Before she could actually have the time to job search and get her career unstuck, she needed to clear the tasks on her plate and stop doing his work. I know it is sometimes hard to say no because we want others to like us. But, you have to practice it and think about how important your time really is. You need to set boundaries for yourself.  
33. Your best ideas  will come when you aren’t in front of your computer.
My shower is where I get the best ideas. I need to get one of those notepads for your shower so I can remember all of my ideas!! I also get my best ideas when out for a run too so don’t think you have to be behind the computer all the time. It doesn’t have to be hard and this endless struggle applying online or trying to update your facebook page if starting a business. You can get out and be inspired and hear a great speaker or workout and have an amazing new idea or meet someone randomly that can help you. You just never know.  

Successful People Habits: Part 4 – Unclutter

34. Clear Your Tolerations : Things in your life that you are currently tolerating right now.   
Tolerations are things in your life that you are currently tolerating right now.  They could be as simple as the shirt sitting in your closet that you have been meaning to return for weeks or something that you can’t stand about the co-worker you sit next to.  
35. Perfect the present and free up your mind and energy. 
This goes back to what we talked about in our first call in Prep School for Success Mindset. We talked about Gratitude and how important it is to be thankful for everything currently in your life. I have to share some results of what you guys are implementing just from call #1 right now. 
36. Write a list of 10 things  you are tolerating and spend a weekend plugging these energy drains  if you can.   
So what are you tolerating right now? What do you hate about your career and life?  Write down a list of 10 things you are tolerating and spend a weekend plugging these energy drains if you can.  This is going to free up your mind and energy. It is going to make room and space for new opportunities to come your way. It is time to clear the clutter and  
37. Fix what is wrong.
Opportunities open up at work.  Co-workers change cubicles or leave jobs that they were ”tolerating” but thought they couldn’t do anything about it. So you never know but just write those tolerations down! And this happened to me too!  
38. Go through your closet/office as the next level of you.  Who do you want to become. What would she wear? What type of office would she work in?    
39. Fall in love with your workspace
If not, it’s time to make some improvements to your office.  Think about what does inspire you and what do you love? How can you add some of that to your workspace? For me, this was as simple as getting some folders, frames, photos of my family and spending $25 at Target for some fun supplies.  
40. Everything should be beautiful.
Make your workspace a place where you love to be that is comfortable, beautiful and promotes your creativity.   
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41. If you want a change, make room for new   things. Clean up and make space!
42. Take care of what you have already been provided                     
Your current car before wanting another one. Your current house before wanting another one.  
43. What are you tolerating in your wallet? How are you handling your money?

Successful People Habits: Part 5 – Health 

44. You are what you eat.
This changed my outlook of food when I heard this.  So first question is what are the words that describe the type of person and life you want to live. My words are full of life, energetic, inspiring, motivating and fulfilling. Now when I am struggling to figure out what to eat, I ask myself what foods on the menu are full of life, energetic, inspiring, motivating and fulfilling. And it’s amazing how much easier that choice is! 
45. Nourish yourself for peak performance. 
The better you feel the more energy you will have to be at peak performance. You won’t be lethargic or tired. You will have energy when you come home from work or when you wake up. Everyone’s body is different so I am not telling you what to eat or drink but I will just say  
46. Plan  your meals in advance. 
For the week. Just do it. Spend an hour. Go grocery shopping. Pack up your meals ahead of the week. Look on pinterest for some great recipes or crockpot meals or lunch ideas. This goes back to the batching idea I talked about earlier. If you batch this you can do it much faster all at once then trying to figure out what to eat all the way through the week.  And you can eat multiple things throughout the week which is why I love it so much. So I usually set aside a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu for the week. And buy everything once per week. I know some people have others cook for them or grocery shop for them and if you  need that, that might be a way to pamper yourself. For me,  I love to cook and plan out meals. Just look at my Pinterest boards if you need ideas. The key is just planning ahead and having everything ready in my fridge. When you do this planning in advance it will not only give you more energy because you will be eating healthier but you will be saving time each week which gives you MORE time to focus on your career goals!  
47. Stay hydrated while working. 
Keep water next to you always. You will never catch me without my water bottle. Only when my daughter has taken it and hidden it I don’t know why she always wants to drink from my water bottle anyways. Stay hydrated will give you more energy too.  
48. If you feel great, you will be more confident and happier. 
You all know that I know your reason for reading this is to become happier so focus on taking care of yourself and being the best you can be to your body and that really is how you treat yourself with food and exercise. I have to take a walk or run everyday and just recently yesterday joined the YMCA here in Des Moines where we currently are on our Road trip. I used to be able to work out doing a home workout video but now my daughter is 15 months she won’t leave me alone so I realized I can no longer do that and sought outside help. [Symbol]> free childcare while I can workout and shower for 2 hours per day sounds pretty amazing to me because showering is incredibly difficult these days too! Especially blow drying now that’s out the window. So a gym membership for me is my pampering.  
49. You can get a workout with just 20 minutes per day. 
So many home workouts, this helped me after my pregnancy, just a 20 minute per day workout. I used to use Tailored Fitness so check that out and there are so many videos on Youtube you can check out as well. 
50. Most people need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night to feel sufficiently rested. 
Go to bed. Don’t stay up late. Unless that is your best time. Don’t waste your time watching TV though.   More than half  of Americans get less than the necessary 7 hours of sleep each night, according to the National Sleep Foundation. 
The book Thrive by Arianna Huffington really opened my eyes to sleep and how important it is. She recommends not keeping your phone in your bedroom which I still haven’t implemented yet but I need to do. 

What daily habits of successful people have you witnessed?

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