10 Examples of Subscription Services I Use Every Day
Today I want to start a conversation around how many subscription services you and I are part of. I realized that I have a lot of monthly payments that I am paying each and every month. We changed our business model to membership sites over the last year and I am a huge fan of the membership site model for businesses. Today, I want you to see why.
Membership sites are really popular right now. There are a ton of subscription sites out there, right? Every day I see another ad for a subscription-based business. What subscription services are you part of? What are you paying on a monthly basis? I’ve created a list of things I pay for each and every month.


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The 10 Subscription Services I Use Every Day


1. Hello Fresh, Green Chef

Every week you pay a fee and they deliver you food to prepare in your home. They deliver you ingredients and it takes about 30 minutes to cook. You don’t have to go to the grocery store or plan out meals. It reduces the stress of putting together meals and planning what you are going to eat.


2. Amazon Prime

We pay every year for Amazon Prime and it provides quick delivery. I use Prime for grocery shopping and have my groceries delivered every single week. So I am happy to pay the fee because it reduces my stress of trying to get my groceries up my stairs with my toddler. I would much rather play with my toddler and get my groceries delivered.


3. Sweat by Kayla

This app provides my workouts and meal plan so I know what to eat. It keeps my on track and has a calendar for me to check off when I am done with the workout of the day. It also gives tips and motivation for staying healthy. I am paying for this every month.


4. Car Wash

My husband pays $20 per month and can get unlimited car washes at our local car wash.
TIP: Members may not want to cancel once they start the membership but the hardest part is just getting someone to start. You can get people in with $1 trials and show them it is amazing and they don’t ever want to leave.


5. Kindle Direct

I pay $9 per month and can read any book I want on my kindle. I thought I would have more time for reading though but this requires work on my part to read as many books as I can.
TIP: This is overwhelming me. There are too many books for me to read so I am probably going to cancel. This is really important if you are creating a membership site. You never want to overwhelm your members.


6. Netflix

We pay a monthly fee and can watch whatever TV shows or movies we want. We don’t have a computer anymore because we just watch on our laptop.


7. Lynda.com

You can pay $39 per month to access any training that you want. This is an example of a company providing training and material similar to what we do in our 2 membership sites. But, in my experience, Lynda.com can be overwhelming because it’s so much content. You can find training on a lot of different things.


8. $1 Shave Club

You pay a monthly fee and they deliver you razors. I’ve also seen another membership where you pay a monthly fee and they deliver you tampons too (the female version). They show up on your doorstep at your time of the month. 🙂


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This company sends you 5 Beauty Products for only $10/month. If you like beauty products and new products each month, you are going to like this.
TIP: These are low dollar amounts. $10 per month is a great place to start. Your members will think why not, it’s cheap to start and I can always cancel after the first month. Members believe they are getting a great deal It seems like such a low price and why not continue.


10. AT&T and Electricity

This you probably didn’t think of. Your phone, electricity and the internet you are paying a monthly fee. You need this right.


So what’s next? Have you thought about the benefits of these subscription services in your business?

Subscription services free membership secrets

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As you can see there are so many opportunities for the membership model. We’ve been talking about the customer experience and how many subscription models we are part of. I wanted to start your thinking today about something else too. We are going to have a lot more training about this over the next few weeks if you are interested, make sure you grab my free Ebook on how to create a successful membership site at www.classycareergirl.com/membershipsecrets.
In the future on the blog, we are going to be talking about whether or not a membership site would be good for your business model. It’s a model I love. The best part of a membership site is that you can get to a point where you have enough recurring revenue to pay your expenses.  You don’t have to rely on launching every week or month. It reduces your stress and you can provide so much more value to your customers. That’s why I love membership sites. I can give so much to our members and I’m not stressed about money and income. Also, I am not worried about next week or month. I know it will be ok because we have a certain number of members paying that monthly fee.
If you are stressed in your business and wondering how you’ll make your payments for next week or month, I’ve been there, too. I want to give you this idea of how nice that could be to not have to worry so much about money. You can have less stress and more freedom and make more impact all while serving your customers even better than you are now and making even more of an impact.
Sounds great, right?
If you want to transfer your knowledge and influence into recurring revenue, make sure you sign-up for Stu McLaren’s free TRIBE workshop. Sign up here: https://www.classycareergirl.com/tribeworkshop


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