Studying Abroad: Going to Grad School Across the Pond
Have you ever thought of studying abroad?  I studied abroad for a semester in college in Madrid, Spain and it was the best time of my life.  I have enjoyed reading about Megan’s studying abroad  at Across the Pond and I asked her to share what she has learned and the differences she found while studying in another country.  Thanks Megan!

Studying Abroad: Going to Grad School Across the Pond

 Hey Classy Career Girls!
I am Megan, from Across The Pond.
Nice to meet you.
I am a born and bread southern California girl
living in England
Doing postgraduate work with my husband for a year.
Specifically, I am getting my MSc in
:::deep breath:::
cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging
::and exhale:::
My husband is getting his LLM (Masters)
in human rights law.
And with our powers combined.
we will take over the world.
Or get a lot of puppies.
just kidding.
Kind of.
Deciding to pack up our lives and move to another country was not the easiest decision.
Especially for a homebody like myself.
It took a year of researching,
filling out paperwork,
financial decision making,
and eventually,
we landed in England.
And then i realized I had to WALK from our house to the University
(a 20 minute walk)
and I cried.
I know what you’re thinking….
Why didn’t i just pack up my stuff and head back to California?
Well friends, let me tell you.
I am not a quitter.
and my husband would not letting me get on a plane back home..
However, after being 6 months into our journey abroad,
and must admit,
It is the best decision we have ever made.
And I highly recommend anyone and everyone make time to spend a year in another country.
I get to study with people from all over the world.
And I get to do my research under some of the most brilliant minds.
So this post doesnt get too long, I have compiled a list of the things I have learned
and the differences I have found studying and researching in another country.

1. public transportation is not my friend.

2. I am not emotionally stable enough to handle 4 months of cold, dark, weather.
3. British students are much smarter then me
4. Education is dirt cheap, even for an international student. (an incentive for my husband and I to study abroad)

5. cost of living can be even cheaper depending on where you live (we have a three bedroom house for the cost of a box on the side of the road in so-cal)

6. Food in the states is the best. hands down.
7. Our dollar is weak.
8. Flowers are much prettier here.
9. I appreciate the sun so much more
10. I have officially learned how to use my legs.

11. I now know how to use EEG,MEG, and fMRI machines.

12. Blogging saved my life
13. Skype is essential
14. travel,travel,travel. Inter-European travel is CHEAP. take advantage


15. Learn to accept and appreciate cultural differences.
16. Cider is good.
17. The University Campus is glorious.
You can not beat European Architecture.

18. choose a university that is internationally renowned and recognized
19. You do not need more then one winter coat.
20. learn to layerLast,
work hard, study hard, but don’t forget to LIVE.
Take vacations.
take breaks.

and immerse yourself in the culture.
If you want to learn more about our life here, my research, or the daily randoms come visit me across the pond. 🙂

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