How to Develop Your Study Skills
Whether you are a full-time undergraduate student, or you attend college at night while working full-time, learning to develop your study skills can be crucial to achieving the results you desire. Effectively managing your time, using incentives, utilizing study aids, setting up the optimal study environment, and managing your health, all play a large role in developing your study skillset. 

How To Develop Your Study Skills

1. Time Management

One of the best ways to manage your study time is to study in half hour blocks and to take a five-minute break. As our brains lose concentration over time, we will find it hard to process information beyond a 90-minute timeframe. The half hour block method is best.

2. Incentives

Another tip to manage your time is to incentivize your study. Plan out a set number of study topics that you plan to cover for the day. Be realistic about what you can cover. Promise yourself time to watch an episode of your favorite television show that night, or a trip to the movies with friends, essentially whatever you really enjoy doing in your free time to give yourself an incentive to study.
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3. Aids

Flash cards and past exam practice tests have proven to be a far more effective study guide when compared to pouring over books highlighting endless paragraphs of text. Making the most of past exam practice tests also assists you with acclimatizing to an exam environment. A major benefit of this is that you will not be as anxious when it comes to the real exam. These study aids are also crucial for identifying any gaps in your knowledge so that you can prioritize on what you need to really focus on when studying.
For an illustrated look at how to develop your exam skills, have a look at the below infographic created by Study Medicine Europe.

Developing Study Skills

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