The Professional Student – How To Earn While You Learn
College life isn’t easy. Students have to juggle exams, homework, presentations, essays, and life outside the classroom. It’s especially difficult for students that study abroad or away from their hometown. The cost of living is growing exponentially and you just won’t make it without a job. But how do you make a living and still manage to do well in college? This article will show you three ways to make a living and study at the same time without losing your sanity.

The Professional Student – How To Earn While You Learn

1. Freelance Writing

If you are looking for a way to spend your time doing what you like, and you like to write, then think about freelance writing as an option. Even if you’re not an English major, you could probably try your hand at freelance writing! College students nowadays have a higher reading and writing comprehension level than the average adult (which is around 8th grade). There are a lot of online writing agencies that are looking for talented writers. This option is useful for several reasons:
  • Time – you decide your working hours and the amount of work that you want to do.
  • Space – you can work at home, so there is no need to think about the traffic and making it on time. This means that you can attend all the classes and work while you’re on a break or at home.
  • Money – There’s a lot of money in the freelance industry. It all depends on your dedication and your talent, of course.

2. Working in The Service Industry

This one is the most popular job choice among students. It’s easy to get a job as a waiter or a bartender since most places are already looking for students (especially posh coffee shops). Service jobs don’t pay that much (probably about minimum wage), but the tips are always there to make things better.
Plus, at places like Starbucks, you have a good chance of getting promoted to a shift manager and receiving a raise. One of the major perks of this job is that the hours are often flexible, so you can always ask someone to cover your shift when you need to attend a class or study.
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3. Online Tutoring

Students in pretty much any major can do online tutoring as a way to make a living while they go to school. Tutoring agencies offer students opportunities to earn some money doing what they’re good at. All you need to do is pass a couple of tests to make sure that you have what it takes for the job. Another plus is that one of the most effective ways to retain information (a.k.a. studying) is to teach it!
This job also leaves you with enough time to study and have some fun. You make your own choices: you decide how much work you’ll take, so you are the master of your time. Your office is anywhere in front of a computer, which is great. The money is not that bad, and if you prove to be good you can make even more money. All in all, this type of job is a perfect choice if you want to have a balanced work-study ratio.
It’s important for students to be economically independent and create a working habit. More than that, working while studying is a great way to put some experience on your resume. The most important thing is to find a job that fits your capabilities and doesn’t take too much of your time. This way you will do your job easily and have time for college.

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