What I Learned Starting a Business (VIDEO CASE STUDY)
Hey everyone! I wanted to stop and share some business startup success stories! My Corporate Rescue Plan clients are knocking it out of the park these days!
Yesterday, I received these two videos from my clients, Lisa and Mary Ellen. I was so inspired and excited for them that I decided that this month I wanted to do something special. (But first, watch these!!)

What I Learned Starting a Business

Lisa Villaume

Hello, it’s Lisa here and today, I want to talk to you about Corporate Rescue Plan from ClassyCareerGirl.com.
Joining the Corporate Rescue Plan was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever jumped before. Like, who in the world would invest in themselves to learn and grow as a person so that they could escape the corporate rat race? Certainly, not this little lady!
I always grew up thinking that climbing the corporate ladder was the only way to achieve success in the business world. And boy was I wrong!
Thanks to Anna at Classy Career Girl, I’m on my way to creating a life that I love and creating a successful business. The most important thing that Anna has taught me in her program is to take imperfect action. Don’t wait until you have the perfect moment until you have the perfect campaign, the perfect body, or the perfect moment to start. Just take action today!
We’re taking action on her advice even when I wasn’t sure and had no idea about what to do. I’ve turned my hobby of writing blog posts into a successful community of career-minded women. Just this past month, I’ve increased my traffic by over 300%!
This is all down to taking imperfect action on a consistent basis.
The Corporate Rescue Plan wants to only help you build the business that you love. It will also give you the tools and support to take action on a system basis. There’s an amazing community that Anna has actually set up that… it’s essentially my life that would get me through everything.
To Anna and her wonderful team at Classy Career Girl, thank you a thousand times for this program and those who would be watching, may your day be filled with light and love! Bye-bye.

Mary Ellen Roth

Hi, I’m Mary Ellen Roth. I started my own business as an Online Learning Consultant. I started working with Anna last January in the Corporate Rescue Plan. I would still be floundering around trying to get everything perfect and worrying that my business wasn’t good enough, but that’s all behind me now. I’ve accomplished so much in the past few months and then I’m both amazed and really proud to be here sharing this with you.
I’ve built up a new website, started a Facebook marketing campaign, started my first email list and added a few well-paying clients. Most importantly, I’ve been able to do this expressing my authentic self. I believe my materials and programs really reflect who I am and the women that I’m here to serve. This is a gift that Anna has given to me.
The Corporate Rescue Plan is the second program I’ve done with Anna. I have that much respect and admiration for her so that I trust everything she designs for us. She really knows our struggles – she’s been there herself. The women she has attracted to this course are intelligent and offer very thoughtful support to each other in our Facebook community groups. And we also follow each other’s Facebook pages and businesses and like to share resources with each other. It’s an awesome benefit!
Anna is an inspiring leader. I love that the focus is not strictly on business but learning about work-life balance and keeping our priorities straight. I really needed that help. That was me.
If you don’t have a coach by now, you should absolutely contact Anna to sign up for the Corporate Rescue Plan. All of us have good intentions but without comfy goals support and someone to be accountable to, we get nowhere.
Anna has given us tremendous value not only from her own expertise but she shares generously the information she gets from experts. We have a great community of women here. I hope you’ll join us. Thanks!

Alright, are you ready to make your business startup dreams happen this year just like these ladies?


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