How to Stand Out Online According To Ryan Deiss, Founder of DigitalMarketer.com
What does a teacher do in a loud classroom when she wants her students to stop talking and listen? She whispers.
According to Ryan Deiss, founder and CEO of Digital Marketer and speaker at last week’s ICON, in this cacophony called the internet, your marketing and your brand should whisper in order to be heard. It’s a noisy world online these days. Hard to stand out, right? His tip to you is to whisper when it is loud in order to stand out. How can your brand whisper?
Over the last 36 months Ryan and his team have: Invested over $15,000,000 on marketing tests, generated tens of millions of unique visitors, sent well over a BILLION emails, and run approximately 3,000 split and multi-variant tests. Ryan is also a highly sought after speaker and consultant whose work has impacted over 200,000 businesses in 68 different countries.

How to Stand Out Online According To Ryan Deiss, Founder of DigitalMarketer.com

1. Build relational equity.

Visualize your customers like an empty bank account. It’s ok to withdraw money if you already have money in there. That’s ok. But it’s theft to make a withdrawal before we make adequate deposits. They get your pitch and they go, do I know you? Have you built up enough relational equity? Every time you send an email, think about, is this making a deposit or withdrawal of relationship equity?
How do you build relational equity?
Make them laugh. Can you laugh at yourself? Make them cry. Or make them feel a part of something. Where is the shared experience in our customer base? Do your customers know what you believe? Someone is more likely to invest in something if they know what you believe.

2. Deliver actual value in advance.

Customers don’t care until you go first. You must be willing to go first. The best way to do that now is through content amplification. Advertising amplifies content. If your content is bad, advertising to it won’t help. So you absolutely must have quality content.
“Give me a little bit of content and now I’ll give you a little bit.” Retargeting makes this possible if done right. It’s far better for the consumer as well.
Retargeting means that once you land on someone’s website, you are tracked and they can retarget you with a personalized ad based on the content you were reading. For example, right now I could retarget YOU with an ad about another piece of content about online marketing. You can do the same and create more personalization for your target customers which will make them happier AND will help them get their problem solved faster. And we all want to help as many people as possible, right?
Ryan suggests buying advertising to content. You pay for it. Install a retargeting pixel. Then, send people to it. Be the one who answers questions and give actual value in advance. The goal is not to convert yet. Engaging costs you nothing. Start now.
(Note: We agree with Ryan’s strategies and have written about retargeting in this Facebook advertising article, if you are interested in checking it out).


The future of marketing isn’t about who can get the most eyeballs the cheapest. It’s about who has the most people pixeled.

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