Social Media Calendar for Busy Entrepreneurs
If you get stuck with what to post on social media every day, this will help.  The biggest thing about social media is to be authentic and to share the real you. I created this social media calendar because I realized that some of my posts were getting much more engagement than others. I dived in deeper to my analytics and discovered why. The posts where I shared the real me and really put time into the purpose behind the post, THOSE were the posts that did the best.
This social media calendar below is the collection of posts that I continue to share on social media for the Classy Career Girl brand again and again with the same great results. Join me and complete the social media one month challenge! You can totally do it!
Note: These posts can be used for your blog posts too. Remember to re-purpose your content as much as possible. This social media calendar could even help you outline your next video on YouTube or create a beautiful quote for Instagram. My favorite part about this calendar is the writing prompts. Writing prompts have really helped me in the past find my purpose in growing this business and be able to connect with my readers and clients more. Growing this trust with your readers will grow your business too.

One Month Social Media Calendar for Busy Entrepreneurs

Day 1: Link to a new blog post.
Day 2: Writing prompt: The reason I started my company is….
Day 3: Throwback
Day 4: Share a behind the scenes update and photo. What are you working on?
Day 5: Writing prompt: The moment I decided to start my business was…
Day 6: Ask a question to your audience.
Day 7: Text quote with your logo with a quote you say over and over.
Day 8: Share a free resource you have.
Day 11: Share a relevant article and your thoughts about it.
Day 12: Share a helpful tip.
Day 13: Introduce yourself.
Day 14: Writing prompt: I am grateful for….
Day 15: Share your favorite quote.
Day 16: Link to an old blog post.
Day 17: Writing prompt: I believe that…..
Day 18: If you had only one final thing to say on social media, what would it be?
Day 19: Link to an optin page, lead magnet or application for a free session or product.
Day 20: Say thank you to your fans!
Day 21: Shout out to an entrepreneur or author who inspires you.
Day 22: Share a quick 1-minute video with a quick tip.
Day 23: Share a personal photo of you working in your business.
Day 24: Share about a success of one of your clients.
Day 25: Offer a discount.
Day 26: Run a poll and get feedback from your audience on future article topics.
Day 27: Writing prompt: What I love most about my work is….
Day 28: Writing prompt: You may think my company does_____, what you might not know is____________.
Day 29: Share your thoughts on recent news in your industry.
Day 30: Share a picture of what makes you happy.
Day 31: Share what your favorite book is relevant to your topic and industry.
Let me know how it goes! Leave a comment below!

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