So You Want to Get Promoted?

In my first four years out of college, I quickly was promoted at the very first company that I worked at.  I know you may not love your job and you may not be doing what you always wanted to do.  But, there a few things you can do to quickly get promoted to that job that you really want!  Some people might advise you to schmooze with the President of your company or become your boss’ favorite person, but I suggest other more ethical ways.  Here are the five things that if you do, you will see yourself quickly rising the ranks in the corporate world.

So You Want to Get Promoted?

  1. Become an expert that your boss couldn’t function without.  Even if you don’t love your job, do great at it and prove that you can quickly learn and pick up new things.  If you do this, your manager will quickly see that he or she needs to give you something more exciting and challenging!  Your boss may also give you that introduction or recommendation to get into the part of the company that you really want to be in.
  2. Get to know as many people as possible in your company.  This will give you a network that you can ask for help when you need it and it will help you learn more about exactly what you want to do.  They will be able to make introductions for you in the future.
  3. Volunteer.  My company has many extracurricular things you don’t get paid for but look good on your assessment.  By volunteering for extra tasks, you go above and beyond and people will know that they can count on you.  You will show that you can prioritize and manage many responsibilities.
  4. Get there early and stay late, even when you aren’t asked.  Show your commitment and importance to your team.  Don’t ever leave your teammates if they still have work to do.  Show you are a team player who always wants to help others.
  5. Don’t complain or quit if things are unfair.  If more tasks get placed on you without a salary raise, think of it as a great opportunity to show your leadership and task management skills.  This happened to me and it didn’t make me happy, but I never once complained about it.  My management noticed my patience and when the time was right, they promoted me.

If you are in a pretty tough job right now, remember this quote, “That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”  Know that you won’t be doing this job forever and you are only at a stepping block for that next great opportunity that is about to knock on your door.  Good luck!

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