3 Smart Strategies For Running Your Business Abroad
If you’re self-employed, you might have to conduct business abroad and arrange your own transportation and accommodation. It can be a fun time because you can usually spend time with other colleagues and you get to do your work from a different location (and order room service!).
There are often co-working facilities that you can look into when you are running your business abroad, but these programs can be expensive, and you can often design something similar yourself. Rather than having to pay a set amount each month, you can use whatever income you have available to keep your costs down. If you want to spend some time abroad, in one place or several places, you should keep these factors in mind.
3 Smart Strategies For Running Your Business Abroad

1. Find a Reliable Workspace

It’s possible to run a business abroad while you travel, and it’s even easier if you don’t have any employees. If it’s just you, you only have to worry about staying in touch with clients. However, the best way to be able to do this is to make sure you can hook yourself up with somewhere quiet and nice to work.
Presuming that you will choose a decently sized city, you should be able to find somewhere. You have a few options you can consider. The most reliable one would be to reserve a short-term desk space in a coworking office or somewhere similar. If you don’t want to do that, look for free spaces with internet connections you can rely on. That might include cafes, hotel lobbies, or libraries.
This space depends on whether you will be talking on the phone a lot. If you don’t have to take many calls, you will have a lot more options. If you do take calls, you’ll have to find a space that has a door that you can close so you don’t disturb others. You can try lobbies or cafes but often those are too noisy for phone conversations. Many libraries do have free rooms that you can use as well so make sure you check your local library out as well!

2. Have a Permanent Mailing Address

If you get a lot of mail, you don’t want it to be piling up at home. Although you can arrange to have most of your communication through email and other channels, sometimes it has to be on paper. It’s a good idea to set up a permanent mailing address with mail forwarding. Make sure they have international forwarding if you’re out of the country. However, if you do this, it’s important that you aren’t moving around too much. You don’t want to move on to somewhere new and have mail still being delivered to the last place you were. Try to change the forwarding address in advance of moving on to your next place.

3. Always Plan Your Next Move

Whether or not you want to have any mail sent to you, you should always try to plan your next move. Being spontaneous is great, but it’s not easy when you’re trying to run a business. If you travel somewhere new, you don’t want to discover you can’t connect to the internet once you arrive. Try to plan as much as possible so you can ensure you can still run your business, wherever you are. Apart from making sure you have somewhere to work, keep your clients informed of your working hours. Sometimes a difference in time zones can work to your advantage. It can allow you to work in the morning or evening to match up with your clients at home so you can spend the day exploring the new city.
Spending some time in another country could be easier than you think. If you run your own business with no physical ties, you should definitely look into it.

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