8 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt in Your Twenties
Dealing with self-doubt can be downright depressing, especially for twenty-somethings. Whether you wish you could perform better on the job, in college, or in your relationships, there’s almost always something to beat yourself up over in your twenties.
But we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. And if you’re feeling a little (or a lot) down on yourself, scrolling through these ideas and applying them should be a huge help. No matter what you’re going through, you can always overcome it with the right mindset.

8 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt in Your Twenties

1. Look at the Big Picture

This may sound cliché, but in her book The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of them Now, author Meg Jay says that twenty-somethings are more likely than anyone to define their life by its most recent events. This means a breakup, job loss or offensive comment can really take its toll. Thankfully the book also says that, according to research, we tend to grow more big-picture minded with age. But don’t forget that you are more than your recent life happenings. You’ve come this far, so take stock of your entire life, including all your successes, instead.

2. Create a Pinterest Board

Or, simply any space to build yourself up, whether that’s a physical mood board, a desktop file or a Pinterest board. Place pictures of your favorite uplifting quotes, travel spots and role models in it, and focus on applauding yourself for your strengths and accomplishments through this space. Go to it whenever you’re feeling down on yourself.

3. Hang Around Uplifting People

Place yourself in the company of those who believe in you. Those who will laugh at your jokes and tell you you’re beautiful and be interested in your stories. This can be a huge confidence booster, especially in low times.

4. Get Some Sleep

Have you noticed that the end of the day is the time when we often feel the most doubts? The day has taken its toll, and you sometimes feel like all hope is lost by the time you hit the sack. But a good night’s sleep can practically cure this feeling. Sometimes all we can do is block all the negative thoughts out and get some sleep, and the world often looks so much brighter afterward. Sure, your energy will be boosted, but also your confidence and determination.
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5. Celebrate Small Victories

This could be anything from making a new friend to getting through another day. It’s important to keep moving forward and accomplishing more, but it won’t hurt to pat yourself on the back for even the smallest of triumphs. Use them as encouragement that you can get through the next one, too!

6. Remember That Everyone Is Inexperienced at Some Point

Discouraged because you’re the new girl at work? Want to start a business but don’t know where to begin? Never let these doubts discourage you from doing your best. Even the most experienced had the same feelings once. And no matter how much you read up, experience is always the best teacher. It just takes time and persistence to get it, and you happen to be the one beginning.

7. Don’t Consider Failures a Waste

Failures are merely necessary practice. So instead of lamenting all the time and effort wasted on a failure, be grateful that you learned what not to do. Better yet, consider the experience as an accomplishment rather than a failure because of the knowledge you gained from it.

8. Don’t Worry, You Have Time

Lastly, don’t sweat it. There’s plenty of fish in the sea and all that. While it’s great to make the best of every moment when you’re young, it won’t hurt to have a few “failures” either. That’s part of the road to success. Remind yourself that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try again, or get better at it down the road.
As a last note, don’t stress it, everyone doubts themselves, even those who appear most confident. The most important thing is what you do with that doubt, and learning from it is the best way to go. Hopefully, these tips leave you on the up and up!

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