The Secrets Behind Self Discipline
On a recent survey I did, there were three topics that you all said you want to hear more about! The three topics I am excited to talk about today – self-care, self-discipline, and goal setting and I’ve invited a special guest to help me dive in. I think you are going to love Awilda Rivera’s energy and excitement for these topics and learn a ton, just like I did. So get ready.
Awilda Rivera
Awilda Rivera
Certified Yogi and Success Coach

The Secrets Behind Self discipline, Self-care and Goal setting

Awilda Rivera is a trusted, results-oriented Success Coach, Spiritual Advisor, and Yogi who has dedicated her life to helping others succeed.  Whether you are an Entrepreneur or Career Professional, Awilda has the tools to assist you in making the progress you desire.
Her life’s work is about helping & empowering others. At a young age, she understood the importance of giving back and being a resource to those in need. As an adult, her mission is to provide others with the tools & support they need to experience the Success they desire  NOW.
Welcome, Awilda and thank you so much for joining us here on the podcast today!
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Some questions I asked:

How did you know you wanted something more?
What kept you going when times were tough?
Why do most women miss the mark on self-care? Is there a magical formula everyone should follow?
What are some common pitfalls people face with self-discipline?
How do we create realistic goals and then execute their achievement without getting overwhelmed?
What are some characteristics of successful people?
What is a time ninja and how can we become one?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The three topics we are going to dive into today with Awilda are self-care, self-discipline and goal setting and I am so excited. These are topics that came up a lot in a recent survey that we did.
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