How to Create a Self Care Routine
Ever been so consumed with the daily activities of your life that you forgot to take care of our number one priority – SELF. What are you doing each day and each week, to ensure YOU are a priority in your life? Are you neglecting yourself? Are you practicing self care daily?
Think of cooking dinner on a stove. We normally put the rice on the back burner once it has boiled, right? The rice is often one of the most key dishes of the meal (I know some of us are weight conscious and may not eat rice, but go with it). However, as we tend to the other dishes in the meal (meat, vegetables, etc.), we cannot forget about the rice. YOU are the rice.
I am going to list 3 practical steps to ensure that YOU are actively making self-care a priority each day. You will benefit and others will benefit from receiving the BEST version of you.
“We must learn to perfect the art of balance and self care each day.” – Monica Taylor
How to Create a Self Care Routine

Step 1: Do not apologize for making yourself a priority.

Name the one person who spends the most time with you. Did you say yourself? We must not apologize for making ourselves a priority. You have goals and passions that you must constantly tap into and fulfill. In the past, I found myself helping others live their passion while neglecting my true wants and desires. I learned to actively place myself first and not apologize for self-care.
“You cannot pour from an empty glass.” – Unknown
Life situations may deplete your energy and sometimes your resources. Remember that summer camp fee for your daughter or those wonderful braces? Life situations can cost money and more importantly time. However, as we empty of ourselves to those most important to us, we must remember to refill. How can you save the world if you are drowning?
Do not apologize for needing a “me” day or even a “me” hour. You have to make it a priority to care of your well-being. You cannot help your family if you are in the hospital stressed. You are worth nurturing. You are wonderfully made and require a little upkeep, self-care.

Step 2: Find an activity you enjoy.

Growing up, I remember a lady in my church that always talked about her weekly hair appointment. Her family was never allowed to schedule anything around this hair appointment. As a young teen, I did not understand. In my adult life, I see why it is so important to have an activity or standing appointment with yourself. We need healthy mechanisms to release the week’s stress. If not, it carries over into the next week. Find an activity you enjoy.
I enjoy my inability to paint. Yes, I go painting, and I love how hard I try to be good at painting. I will not quit my day job to paint. However, it is releasing and brings me joy. Painting gives me the opportunity to purge of the week’s stress and emotional tensions.
You could take a Zumba class. It is perfectly okay if you do not have the moves like J-LO. Laugh at yourself. Laughter is medicine. Do you enjoy traveling? Find deals that will allow you to travel on a budget. What are your passions? I actively pursue activities that I enjoy. I am no longer “escaping” my life. I am merely living it.

Step 3: Make it a habit.

As with any goal, we have to make the pursuit to success a habit. If only we could work out for two days and lose twenty pounds! It is not always easy. You must secure your oxygen mask first before taking care of those around you.
It is okay to say no. Obviously, I do not want you to miss your child’s graduation. However, if you need a self care day and your husband can volunteer to take your daughter and/or son to the neighbor’s birthday party, ask for help.
Be honest with those in your life. They will understand. If not, you have to be okay with not apologizing for needing ‘me’ time. Even if you are not married or have any children, you may simply be exhausted from work. It is okay to miss a happy hour with friends because you’d rather meet and greet with the back of your eyelids.
You are a priority. Make an agreement with yourself today for how you will ensure that you place yourself first. Investing in self will always pay out great dividends.

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