How to Rock Your LinkedIn Profile in 8 Steps
Social media is ruling the world. In the professional aspect, you either have a LinkedIn profile or you don’t exist…
The vision of Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, is “We aspire to build the world’s first economic graph; in other words, a digital mapping of the global economy, including a profile for every one of the 3 billion members of the global workforce, including all of their skills and expertise…..”
LinkedIn has also caused a huge shift in the recruitment process. More and more companies and recruiters are using the solutions to search and recruit their talent. As a LinkedIn member yourself, you can build relationships that will enhance your career and your business. The message is clear: you simply cannot afford not to be on LinkedIn. You will be out of the game.

How to Rock Your LinkedIn Profile in 8 Steps

Tip #1: Have a great professional photo.

A great photo on LinkedIn is definitely a must-have and not a nice-to-have. It is proven that people are rarely clicking on profiles without photos. If you are on a thin budget and cannot afford a professional photoshoot, keep in mind that LinkedIn, unlike Facebook, is meant for professional purposes predominantly. Therefore, your picture should also reflect this purpose.
Here’s a couple of things you think about when it comes to your photo:
1. Your photo should be in color.
2. Your profile should be a headshot only.
3. Professional photo means no family or holiday pictures.
4. Your dress code should be in sync with the type of job you are after.

Tip #2:  Master the right keywords.

The keywords on LinkedIn are the same things as search words on Google. These are the words that help others (recruiters, business partners, hiring managers, etc.) find YOU on LinkedIn.
So if a recruiter is looking for an Account Manager with experience in the oil and gas industry, that is what he or she is going to type in and search on LinkedIn. If your profile has those keywords, it will rank your profile (high) on the LinkedIn search result. The profiles that get on top of the list are the ones that have the highest density of keywords. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile has the right keywords that match your future job. Those keywords have to be sprinkled all over your profile including your headline, summary and experience sections.

Tip #3: Spend extra time on your headline.

The headline is your first message to the world about who you are and what you do. People often put their current job only. Don’t make this mistake! The headline is much broader than your current or last job only. You have 120 characters you can use in your headline. Use it!

Tip #4: Your summary is your pitch.

The summary section is where you should briefly introduce yourself to the person who is visiting your profile. It is also a place to make the first contact, grab the reader’s attention and draw the reder in to read further.
Show what you stand for, your bigger vision and your core qualities. Make it personal and don’t forget your keywords.

Tip #5:  Add a call to action to your summary.

At the end of your summary, always include a call to action. In other words, invite others (for example, recruiters or hiring managers) to connect with you. Explain what you are looking for.

Tip #6:  Always include your contact details.

When completing your profile, do not forget to include your contact details. This tells people how they can contact you. A small thing, but oh so important…

Tip #7:  Add visual media to your profile.

To spice up your LinkedIn profile, consider including photos, videos, and PowerPoint presentations. This will make your profile more appealing and interesting to read.

Tip #8:  Connect, connect, and (one more time) connect.

The power of LinkedIn lies in the fact that in a few steps you can basically get connected to almost anyone in the world (who is obviously on LinkedIn). Your first-grade connections give you direct access to your 2nd-grade connections and your 2nd-grade connections to the 3rd-grade connections. The more connections you have, the more often and the higher in ranking you will appear in the search results.
This is the time to go social and master your LinkedIn skills regardless if you are looking for local job opportunities or considering a business partnership with somebody from the other side of the world. The beauty of global social networks is that, well that they are global.

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