8 Productivity Tips to Get Your Workday Off to a Good Start 
Eat right. Get enough sleep. Do some exercise. Those are the top tips that you’ll find floating around on the internet all over the place while you’re searching for the answer to raising your productivity levels each morning.
Although all three of those things will really help to boost your productivity, the problem is that they are long-term solutions and are far easier to preach than they are to put into practice. So, for those looking for small and simple habits that they can put into action tomorrow morning, we’ve got a few simple tasks that you can put into practice straight away.

8 Simple Productivity Tips to Get Your Working Day Off to a Good Start

1. Relocate Your Alarm Clock 

If your alarm clock is right next to your bed, the temptation to hit that snooze button multiple times in the morning will be all too great. Place your clock on the other side of the room and you’ll be forced to get up to turn it off. And once you’re up, you may as well just get on with the rest of your day!  

2. Ease Yourself Into The Morning

While it is important to put your alarm clock out of arms reach, it’s also important to not rush into the start of your day. Rather than setting your alarm for the latest possible time that you can get up, set it for ten or twenty minutes earlier. Give yourself enough time to get ready without needing to rush and you’ll find you arrive at your desk feeling ready to go rather than like you’ve just run a half marathon.

3. Tackle The Most Challenging Task of Your Day First 

It’s so easy to head straight to the simple things on your to-do list. You feel like you’re getting loads done as you’re constantly ticking things off but, as the day starts to go on and your energy levels drop, you’ll find yourself unwilling to approach the trickier parts of your list. Start with the hardest piece first thing in the morning and things can only go up from there.

4. Drink a Glass of Water Before You Head to Work

A glass of water first thing in the morning will fire up your metabolism and aid your body in flushing out any toxins.  
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5. Plan a Mid-Morning Break

If you don’t already have scheduled breaks in your working day, then as soon as you get into the office set yourself one. Planning a mid-morning break will give you something to aim for which will push your productivity levels through the roof.  
Use your break to refuel, go for a walk (even if it is just around the office!), have a healthy snack and make the most of the time you’ve got to have a quick catch up with a colleague. You’ll find yourself feeling refreshed and ready to carry on with your day upon your return to your desk.  

6. Avoid Your Inbox Until You’ve Completed an Important Task 

It is so easy to get sucked into the abyss that is your inbox. But it will hit midday and you’ll have found you haven’t done anything on that hefty to-do list of yours. Avoid it entirely until you’ve completed at least one task. Then limit the time you spend on your inbox admin to ten-minute intervals throughout the day.

7. Prepare The Night Before

Pack your bag, pick your outfit and make your lunch before you head to bed. Not only will you be able to go to sleep without stressing about all the things you need to do as soon as you wake up, you’ll also give yourself a few extra minutes in bed as you won’t have to squeeze extra tasks into your morning routine.

8. Start Each Day With a Stream of Consciousness 

Even if you’re not a big writer, pick up a pen and paper (rather than your phone) each morning and simply write down whatever comes into your mind. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a to-do list, a recap of a dream you had or a fictional piece of writing.  
You’ll find that as time goes on you find it easier to write each day and the act of physically putting pen to paper will help to engage your brain from the get-go.
We don’t always get the day off to the best start and our days are full of distractions and waiting for the clock hand to hit six. Unfortunately, this results in a larger pile of tasks to do the following day. By following these steps, next time you hear the alarm clock go if the morning, instead of the feeling of dread in your stomach, you’ll feel eager to start the day.

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