The Ultimate Product or Service Creation Formula
Many times entrepreneurs know that they want to have their own business but they get stuck at one point, figuring out what to sell and how to sell it! What type of product should I sell? What service should I offer? How do I narrow down all my ideas?
Today’s podcast will help you figure it all out. As you know we are opening doors very soon to Corporate Rescue Plan so every week on this podcast, we’ve been very focused on getting you ready to join our community and giving you sneak peeks at the great training and support we have inside.
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Let’s get started with The Ultimate Product or Service Creation Formula.

Step 1: Commitment

Your commitment must become before you know what your dream career or business even is. A vow to yourself that you really want to live your life in this happy and fulfilled zone. Your journey will be blessed and miracles and new opportunities will happen. So, I invite you to make your commitment right at this moment. A formal commitment to finding and living your dream career or business.  Say it and write this down on a piece of paper. Then sign and date it!
“I commit to finding my dream career.
“I commit to creating my dream business.”

Step 2: Start Pre-selling

It’s time to put your offer out there.  Once you have your first sale, you KNOW there is a hungry market for it and people want to buy it. Don’t waste your time if no one buys it! It also inspires you to get into #superfastinspiredaction when you know someone is going to be actually using your product! Plus, it’s easier to create because you can actually put a person’s name in your head and make it personal. I recommend selling 6 weeks before your formal launch date.
Email an invitation in advance to everyone you know and highlight that this is a brand new program. Create a ton of EXCITEMENT!! Anyone who enrolls gets
1) A “Pilot Program” discount since it is brand new
2) An early bird discount
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Step 3: Create Engagement Strategy

The next step is to create the pre-work to get your new clients engaged once they enroll. You want to give immediate value as soon as they purchase. Some ideas are an assessment, video, private Facebook group or worksheet.
You want to help them make their first step right away. Your customers will be most excited as soon as they make a purchase so you want to use that excitement to get them moving in the right direction immediately.

Step 4: Create Your Product or Service WITH Your Clients

Before your course even starts, ask your customers what are they hoping to get or learn from your product or service. Then add that into your product and make it even better!

Step 5: Repeat and Always Improve 

Always get feedback and survey your customers. Often, people are afraid to find out the bad stuff. Often though, the negative stuff can be good because that means there is room for improvement. You would much rather know this and improve the next time you sell your product to your next customer. I am always looking for ways to improvement my membership site and I am constantly surveying my members.
So, I hope you can see that it was a little scary and it was not easy. If it was easy, then everyone would be quitting their jobs to start a business. It’s easy to stay in a job that you hate. It’s easy to NOT take action.  It’s hard to actually get out of your comfort zone and live the life that you are meant to live. It’s hard to do the self-evaluation you need to do to find and discover your purpose. But life is way better when you put the hard work in!
It’s also easier to follow someone else’s step-by-step system who has already been in your shoes.  That’s why members of my Corporate Rescue Plan are having so much success putting together their products and program. I want you to have the easy way and not waste so much time trying to do it alone!  Our Freedom Workshop is an introductory workshop to CRP. You can sign-up for the free workshop at www.corporaterescueplan.com/freedom.  
Hope to see you inside!

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