How to Pre-Plan Your Week So You Don’t Stress
I have learned how to not stress with my to-do list. How do I plan out my week for success so I am not stressed? I go into Monday knowing exactly what I am going to do for the week.
My secret is my Friday afternoon weekly routine. I used to do this on Sunday evening but I try to not do any work on Sunday because I am a big believer of taking a Sabbath on Sundays and having that be a church and family-only day with no internet.
So here’s what I do and now everyone who works for CCG does this routine as well:

How to Pre-Plan Your Week So You Don’t Stress

1. Clean up from last week.

This is where I tidy up around the house since I work from home. Clear out your email inbox. Organize receipts and papers from the week. For you all, this is just clearing things you are tolerating, getting ready to start fresh for the week.

2. Create a to-do focus list for next week.

These is a prioritized list of the top six things I need to get done for the week. I don’t make daily to-do lists anymore. I only make weekly priority lists now and I don’t move to #2 until #1 is done. And this is what I do with my team now, too so every Friday I go through tasks with my COO and my virtual assistant, categorizing their priorities so we all know what we should be working on and we are on the same page for the next week.
How you pre-plan your week will vary based on your current goals.
Now if you are job searching, these priority items are the ones that are going to be GAME CHANGERS for your job search like applying to a position or reaching out to a pivotal contact that can help you get a job or attend a networking event.
If you are an entrepreneur, this is focusing on only revenue-producing activities. Throughout the week I focus on this list except for about 30 minutes per day where I do social media and email. The rest of my days are only focusing on revenue producing activities such as client calls, creating webinars, creating content for my two signature 90-day courses, creating partnerships and creating new ideas for future income for my business.
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So, I challenge you to make your priorities for the week of the things that are going to make big differences in your job search or your business and don’t go to #2 until #1 is complete.

3. Knock out administrative items that aren’t on your top 6 priority list FAST.

These are things I don’t want to be doing throughout the week that are just going to be taking up my time when I should be focused on priority items. These are the administrative tasks that I knock out as fast as possible and set a timer.
There you have it! That is how I start my week off and wake up NOT stressed on Monday morning. Notice I have just 6 things that are super important that I focus on per week. That’s like one thing to complete per day. Easy!

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