Planning Workshop: How to Create Your 90-Day Plan

This is where I’m going to teach you the plan blueprints, and how to create your 90-day plan. And I think you are going to love it! Today I want to show you how to get past feeling scattered and unfocused, and how you can find direction in the next 90 days so you can follow through with your goals.

Whether you are just thinking of starting a career change or you want to turn your side hustle into a business, you are in the right place to find a clear vision and focus for the new year.

So let’s dive into creating your 90-day plan. It’s all about taking bite-sized steps to get to where you want to go in the next 90 days successfully.

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Once you know the best way to plan out your goals by quarters, then you will accomplish your goals and stay committed to your plan. When you start achieving these small quarterly goals, you’ll start to get more excited and more motivated, and you’ll start getting closer to doing work you love, providing for your family and even spending more quality time with your kids too, because you’re going to have more energy. In order to stay prioritized and stay focused, you just need to follow these simple steps to create your 90-day plan so that you can take your career and your life to the next level.

How to Create Your 90-Day Plan

Step 1: Look Back.

Before we can do any planning, you have to look back at the last year and see what has worked and what has not worked. Also, map out your vision of where you want to go in the next 5 to 10 years. If you don’t know about where you want to go in the future, you’re going to set goals that aren’t right for you. They’re not going to get you to your vision. And so it’s really important that you know your WHY and you look at this vision in the morning and at night, and you use this vision to make decisions.

Step 2: Create your annual plan. 

Think about what you need to do in the next year to reach your 5 to 10-year vision that you created. And this is where you’re going to break down what you need to do in each of the four quarters, so you’re going to have a focus for each of the quarters.

Step 3: Create your 90-day plan.

Look back at your annual plan and you’re going to figure out what your focus is for that first quarter. And then, write down three goals that you want to achieve in the next 90 days. And what’s really important is you want to write down why you want to achieve them and the tasks that you’re going to complete in 30 day, 60 day and 90 day increments.

Step 4: Start creating a monthly plan.

Identify three goals for the next month. You’re going to go to your 90-day plan and see what you’re going to do over the next 30 days and then add that into your monthly plan.

Step 5: Create a weekly plan.

Schedule a week planning session every week, same time in your calendar. And during the session, you’re going to review the tasks that you need to do for the next week. And you’re going to create the top three priorities for the next week.

Step 6: Create a daily plan.

This is what you’re going to plan out the night before. So when you wake up, you know what to focus on. You’re going to write down your three daily priorities. Every single day.

All of these six steps go together to help you get more focused and more organized. So that you can reach your career goals and dreams for the next year.

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